Italian-British Make-Up Brushes From Bobou To Ensure Skin Health

Italian-British makeup-brush brand, Bobou enters the UK market to offer a secure alternative for sensitive skin.

Already critical acclaimed by social media influencers and industry experts, the makeup brand was shortlisted for the London 2020 PURE BEAUTY AWARDS.

Inspired by Italian craftsmanship and design, Bobou brushes are handcrafted in Italy using the highest quality materials and featuring an elegant easy-to-wash scarlet velvet handle, whilst being vegan and cruelty free.

The range contains: 

  • Seamless Kabuki Foundation Brush, 
  • Concealer brush, 
  • Blush Brush and 3  Eye Makeup Brushes.  

The brush sets are priced from £39.99 for a full eye brush, £120 for the full Velluto Range collection, and between £18.99 to £34 for single brushes.

Bobou and its sensitive skin-friendly range of brushes came to light thanks to Criney Insalata and Jamie Johns. 

Criney Insalata has had her own experience of suffering from facial Psoriasis that made using makeup brushes impossible due to the harshness of the bristles and the  build up of bacteria that would lead to flare ups of her Psoriasis.  

‘While it was easy to find makeup products that are hypoallergenic, it was frustrating that I couldn’t find makeup brushes that would be suitable for sensitive skin,’ confessed Criney.

Criney and Jamie noticed that makeup brushes do not take skin health into consideration and most makeup wearers do not realise the importance of the brush as part of a skin health routine.

For example, between 60-70% of makeup users suffer from some form of sensitive skin condition which is exacerbated by the use of poor quality brushes that retain skin-irritating bacteria, therefore undermining the efforts people put into their skin care routine as Criney also found from her own experience.

And hence Bobou was born – a luxury range of brushes that are skin-health friendly and beautifully designed, created by using a unique technology called Dermafibre™ which uses the latest fibre design approach, reducing the build up of makeup residue overtime. 

Prior to Bobou, Criney worked as an international brand consultant for 15 years, whilst Jamie Johns was a marketing Director for Beauty at Johnson and Johnson. 

Co-founder Jamie confidently says: ‘no stone was left unturned in terms of the look, feel and the usage experience, the response from leading beauty experts has been resoundingly positive, because of the quality of the brushes, the gift inspired packaging and the approach we took to addressing skin health within this category.’ 

You can find out more about Bobou here.