NimNik: Elegant Gift Wrap Bags For The Coming Festive Season

NimNik has already captured the public’s attention with their ingenious baby carrier ‘Sling Wrap,’ and their toddler’s wooden cutting fruit set, and now – they aim to sort out your Christmas wrapping with their new gift wrap bags.

Gift wrapping is almost as important as the gift itself. Just like the cherry on a cake, wrapping completes the final touch of presentation. The attention and care you pay in gift wrapping can express to your close ones just how much they mean to you, and wrapping can often make your gift even more memorable and stand out.

With this in mind, NimNik has launched an extraordinary collection of elegant gift wrap bags for the coming festive season.

The company has already been selling high-quality gift bags on Amazon for the past few years, and now their large size grey and white gold sparkle finish gift bags are back in stock. 

NimNik’s luxury paper gift bags come in a pack of 12, and have 4 designs in each pack. 

Each dozen will have 3 bags of the same pattern, and each bag measures 32cms in length, 26cms in breadth, and 12cms in-depth, which makes it an optimal size to fit most gift items.

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NimNik’s CEO says: ‘We are making products sustainable to the environment, keeping in mind we made these luxury gift bags with 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly paper. These premium finish gift bags already gained a huge appreciation since its launch, so we restock them on customers’ high demand.’

The company designed the gift bags to be suitable for all occasions like birthday, weddings, Easter, New Year, or even baby shower gifts. The finish has a high gloss with thick golden handles, which gives an elegant and classy look to the gift bags. 

Each gift bag is made out of a highly durable paper that ensures the safety of your gifts.

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