Merry Christmas, And A Happy New Year

Dear Planet Earth,

Most people would agree that this year has been a difficult one. As I sit here and write this letter to you all, a tear rolls down my face. Maybe it’s grief. Or maybe it’s relief that this year is almost over.

We’ve all been affected by COVID in our own unique way. Some of us haven’t seen our family or friends in a while. Others have been affected financially, or have lost their jobs. Some of us have experienced mental health issues. And then there’s those who have lost their loved ones, or are spending Christmas alone.

Across the planet, we’ve all learned that anyone and everyone is susceptible to these issues at any point in our lives, regardless of our wealth or status, and that no one is immune – therefore, we shouldn’t take the good things in our lives for granted.

We’ve also learned that thinking outside the box and sticking together was/is the key to our survival during difficult times like this.

That being said, we can’t knock (or deny) the unbelievable innovation and success stories that have come out of this tough situation.

As the Founder of Gramersi – an online magazine dedicated to innovation, I have witnessed this first hand – through the hundreds of positive press releases we’ve received, not to mention the amazing stories we’ve had the privilege of writing and sharing with you – the reader.

And that’s what we’re all about. It’s what keeps up sane. It’s why we do it, and it’s what keeps us going: spreading POSITIVE news, and supporting start-ups/small businesses during a negative time of madness.

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I’d like to thank everyone for supporting us during this difficult time, and during our own start-up phase. I am very grateful, and I DON’T take it for granted.

But more importantly, I am wishing each and every one of you the happy Christmas you deserve, and a much better, healthier and happier 2021.

From the bottom of my heart, I am sending you all the love in the world.


George Taylor

CEO at Gramersi