A Brand New Start-up Called BLUEBAT Launches: Game-Changing Battery Charging

Inventors, Ashraf Mahomed and Asim Chaudhri, have answered the call for a solution to smartphone battery woes with a charging device that potentially boosts battery health, the BLUEBAT, reducing the risk of overheating and battery explosions.

Smartphone users who are frustrated with replacing their batteries – may soon have access to a dynamic device that extends battery life. Well, that’s if Leicester-based startup, Bluebat, achieves its’ Kickstarter campaign goal to fund their brand new BLUEBAT charging device…

Bluebat has turned to Kickstarter to raise funds to create the first device of its kind to address the common battery woes of smartphone users. Whilst most phone accessory brands make phones look good on the outside, Bluebat has decided to take on the challenge to tackle an issue that lies within. 

Prior to embarking on the journey to create the Bluebat charging device, the inventors conducted a study which revealed that over a third of respondents felt that they were charging their phones for too long.

Developed in the United Kingdom, with the help of a Leicester-based design house (Bluefrog Design), the BLUEBAT BB-101 is an innovative charging device designed to help extend the life of smartphone batteries and boost battery performance. 

The device also mitigates issues such as overheating, overcharging and safety, and users have timing options such as charging duration and when to start charging. 

As it relates to safety, Bluebat smartphone battery booster boasts a heat sensor that will stop charging when the ambient temperature around the device gets too hot. This feature is especially useful for those who prefer overnight charging.

But Bluebat BB-101 is not just for charging smartphones, as the device is also compatible with headsets, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, game controllers, watches and tablets.

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Ashraf Mahomed and Asim Chaudhri are the masterminds behind the Bluebat charging technology, with Ashraf coming from a finance background having trained as a Chartered Accountant and then worked in Industry, gaining extensive commercial, manufacturing and product development experience. 

His colleague, and co-founder Asim Chaudhri is a technology qualified, business development and project management executive who has held senior director-level responsibilities and led successful transformation initiatives with blue-chip corporations and consulting firms. 

The idea for Bluebat stemmed from Ashraf’s own frustration with a poor battery performance of his smartphone. 

He said: “Asim and I were considering what our next venture could be. We both realised that we had issues with charging our phones and that’s how the idea for BLUEBAT came about.

Anyone can support the Kickstarter campaign with a small donation, but a pledge for as little as £15 will be rewarded with a Bluebat BB-101 charging device. 

For further information or to back the campaign, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bluebat/bluebat-keeping-you-in-charge

Or learn more about Bluebat here: https://www.mybluebat.com