Sarah Lynn: Game-Changing The Sweet Market With ‘Sweets In The City’

Sarah Lynn runs ‘Sweets in the City,’ a game-changing sweet-gifting business that she jointly owns with Lord Sugar after winning BBC’s ‘The Apprentice,’ in December 2017.

One of Sweets In The City’s most popular products is a gluten-free, vegan alternative made with a pectin jelly centre with real added fruit juice, – perfect for the planet conscious with a sweet tooth.

The brand’s products are packaged in either a large (125g) format, or a ‘grab and go’ (50g) format, with both options listed with Waitrose, as well as being available online, and in premium UK outlets, such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, and in speciality food stores and distributors.

Their vegan recipe is completely unique in flavour and texture, and this is in part – due to the unusual gelatine free pectin jelly centre, and also the fact that the sweet has one flavouring on the outer shell, and another one injected into the centre.

So where and how did this all start? Well. Sweets In The City’s Founder, Sarah Lynn – walked away in 2017 as one of the two winners of The Apprentice with a historic £500,000 investment, after being declared a ‘fantastic expert in her field‘ by Lord Sugar himself.

The business focuses on providing premium confectionery products for retailers and for corporate clients, but before her love affair with sweets began, Sarah grew up in North London, and she studied History and Politics at Royal Holloway University of London.

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Shortly after, she entered the world of work in 2003, and she spent a few years developing her business skills at a communications consultancy, before starting her own confectionery adventure in 2010, when she returned from travelling the world with her then husband-to-be.

Sarah spent much of the trip thinking about her future, and she had always dreamed of running her own business after watching her dad build his from a young age, and so she started to create fabulous sweet products that people actually wanted to purchase, and she tirelessly approached retailers and gift shops in order to sell through them and build the business.

Now, she is married, with two sons, and she continues to juggle her work and home life with the business, and is a strong and proud advocate for busy, working mums.

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