Hackney Gelato Launches The UK’s First Ever Millionaire Shortbread Gelato

Hackney Gelato, the acclaimed makers of proper Italian gelato and sorbetto, have gone and done it again: however, this time, – they’ve developed the UK’s first EVER Millionaire Shortbread Gelato.

Launched on 15th March 2021, exclusively in-store – and online with Tesco, Hackney Gelato’s brand new ‘Millionaire Shortbread Gelato’ combines slow-churned, creamy gelato, with chunks of home baked shortbread, Belgian milk chocolate, and a generous swirl of caramel ripple. It’s like eating gold, but softer! And cheaper, of course…

Recently, we covered Hackney Gelato’s hot bun cross gelato, and once again, their new launch is set to surprise London, with another delicious addition to their already beautifully innovative collection.

Available exclusively through Tesco from March 15th onward, the Millionaire Shortbread Gelato took months to perfect.

The shortbread and caramel ripple are homemade, and the chocolate chunks are Belgium’s finest. It’s made with fresh British milk and slow churned the Italian way by Hackney Gelato’s team of expert gelatieri for a luxuriously smooth texture.

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Slow churning is one of the things that distinguishes gelato from ice cream. It means less air is incorporated into the mix, resulting in a smooth, dense, rich texture, without the iciness you typically get in ice cream. And because it’s made with more milk and less cream, gelato contains less fat than most ice creams.

This allows the true taste of the ingredients to come through, creating deeper, more intense flavours.

And in the words of Co-founder/Chef, Sam Newman, he said: “eating our Millionaire Shortbread Gelato is an intensely rewarding experience. Like winning gold at the Olympics, or getting a question right on University Challenge.

Find out more here: https://www.hackneygelato.com