The Facelet®: The Dual-Purpose Face Mask That Can Be Worn Around Your Wrist, Too

Made to be highly adaptive during the pandemic (particularly as it comes to a possible close), The Facelet® is a dual-purpose face-mask that features a button-fastening mechanism for the wrist when not in use.

The Facelet® is a reusable face covering that can easily and comfortably be worn around the wrist when not in use, and the covering is secured by a button to keep it safely in place – ideal for those on the go. 

The product is made up of 3 premium layers and anti-bac fabric (as recommended by the WHO), and is environmentally friendly.

And the product has become a huge hit: it was praised so highly for its’ ease of use, that the business received (and supplied) over 20,000 orders in six months.

The company also partnered up with Frasers Hospitality, Baby Style, Thames Motor Group, School In A Bag and GB Liners, – and it became the official supplier for ITV’s ‘Dancing On Ice’ (the cast and crew) during filming, earning positive feedback from celebrities about the product’s convenience.

The Facelet came to light during the summer in 2020, thanks to Steve and Jolene Pole, – an entrepreneurial duo from Leicester. Unfortunately, during lock-down, the pair were not able to resume their usual business with their local cleaning company, so they decided to embark on a new business adventure.

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The duo grew incredibly fed up with the excessive level of waste created from the sheer volume of disposable face masks being littered all over the place, and they sought to make a difference.

A Co-Founder of The Facelet®. Steve Pole, said: “It’s clear that face masks will not be going anywhere, even as more businesses and sectors return to work. Both employees and employers are accountable for their own safety and hygiene, wearing a mask is simply going to be best practice that won’t disappear any time soon.’

He also said: ‘One of the many benefits of a reusable mask is that it removes the need to keep forking out on single-use masks which can really add up. We all know that single-use masks are bad for the environment and we’re saddened to see them still littering the streets, one year on, when this is completely avoidable.

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