Dr.PAWPAW Secures A Major Listing On The Chinese Shopping Marketplace, Tmall Global

Dr.PAWPAW has just announced that they have launched onto the Chinese consumer marketplace, Tmall Global, – joining over 185,000 brands. The Dr.PAWPAW store is now placed in a lucrative pool of 500 million users of the platform, that contributes to 61.5% of China’s B2C’s ecommerce market.

The rapid-growing skincare brand has appointed Oddity Asia to manage their launch into China, and to meet the needs of the Asian market consumers.

Tmall Global has been an ever-evolving marketplace since its’ launch in 2008, and more and more UK businesses are reaping the benefits overseas, – a big deal for British manufacturing. 

Dr.PAWPAW has been in demand with the Asian market for many years, and finally, it has landed a presence on the biggest platform in Asia there is to sell on, build a brand and create a new consumer audience.

Johnny Paterson, one of Dr.PAWPAW’s Founders commented:

“We’re so delighted to announce that we have launched on Tmall Global, it’s been over 18 months in the making to get to this point and we’ve been working with an incredible partner – Oddity to make this happen. It’s a really big moment for British manufacturing, with Dr.PAWPAW being a british made and manufactured brand, to launch into this new market.

Watch the full announcement here:

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And find out more about Dr.PAWPAW here: www.drpawpaw.com