Brummie Brewery, Gypsy Brew – Launches Their 2nd Craft Beer: A Tropical-Flavoured Garrity Mash

Just months after the debut of their first beverage, Birmingham-based brewery brand, Gypsy Brew, – is raising the bar once again, with the launch of their second craft beer, Garrity Mash. 

Expertly crafted in a quaint brewery in Weatheroak Hill, Garrity Mash is a tropical fruit 3.9% ABV Session Pale Ale, packed full of juicy notes of mango. Offering a refreshing burst of complex vibrant flavours, Garrity Mash is now available to buy from the Gypsy Brew website, and promises to be a crowd pleaser, as the warmer weather approaches.

Commenting on the launch of Garrity Mash, Gary Meads, a Co-Founder of Gypsy Brew, says:

“We are delighted to already be launching our second flavour, Garrity Mash, ahead of the return of hospitality later this spring. To think that we founded Gypsy Brew and began working on our first beer, just over a year ago during the first lockdown versus now launching our second flavour this March is such a great feeling.

He also said: “Creating a new brand and developing our brews has certainly been a labour of love, but perfecting Garrity Mash has certainly been worth the wait!”

Despite launching its first beer, Gypsy Water, – just three months ago, Gypsy Brew has already generated significant buzz within the regional hospitality scene, as Artisan Street Kitchen’s Andrew Sheridan and his team are set to serve up Gypsy Water alongside premium dishes in the coming months. 

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Likewise, the independently-produced beer will also be stocked at critically acclaimed restaurants such as Simpsons and AboutCraft. Speaking about the new launch and plans for the future, Al Smith added: 

“With the return of hospitality firmly on the horizon, we’re very excited about what’s yet to come during the next few months. We’re so pleased to be launching Garrity Mash and hope that it proves to be the flavour of the summer. We’re already looking at other ways we can continue to diversify the Gypsy Brew brand and our offering within the Midlands, such as introducing a recycling-led loyalty scheme.”

Gypsy Brew started as a ‘pipe dream’ for two local friends and business owners: a pub landlord, called Gary Meads, and a barber named Al Smith. When the pandemic saw both of their businesses tragically close due to lock-down, the pair dived head first into coming up with a contingency plan: they turned their long-awaited pipe dream into a reality.

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