‘Yeo Valley Organic’ Has Created The World’s First Moo-R Code – On Their Cows!

Yeo Valley Organic, Britain’s largest organic brand, – has created scannable QR codes that have been shaved into the hides of all 400 of their own British Friesian cows, to celebrate the national roll-out of their connected packaging.

Yeo Valley Organic, a Somerset-based, family-run organic dairy farm and manufacturing business established in 1994, has briefed their connected-experience agency SharpEnd, – to carefully shave all of their herds with this increasingly popular scannable technology that has made a big comeback during Covid. 

Each ‘Moo-R Code’ is unique to each cow, and links the scanner to a profile page – which be likened to them having a Facebook profile/account.

This Moo-R code announcement coincides with their other recent announcement of QR Codes being included permanently across all of their product packaging moving forward – incorporated as part of the brand’s move towards fully recycled materials.

Each product QR Code links the user to their loyalty programme, along with extras, such as time-based recipe content.

Adrian Carne, the Managing Director of Yeo Valley Organic said: “We like to stay one step ahead of the herd, and just like our cows with their unique markings, a Moo-R Code can tell you so much about your product and its benefits, particularly in our case – highlighting the value of organic farming.

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And Cameron Worth, a Founder of SharpEnd, said: “Over the last 12 months, consumers have become used to seeing black and white barcodes appearing everywhere. We really want to milk the success of the “always on” connected packaging across the product portfolio and working with the cows was an organic progression in the campaign.

Find out more about SharpEnd at: www.wearesharpend.com

And grab your next organic dose, over at: https://www.yeovalley.co.uk