Naughty Water Launches It’s Vodka-Based, Vegan-Friendly, Gluten-Free, Sparkling Alcoholic Water

Naughty Water has launched its BRAND NEW low-calorie, vegan friendly and gluten-free sparkling alcoholic water for health-conscious hedonists, which is deliciously vodka-based.

This exciting new range of exotic-flavoured vodka-seltzers by Naughty Water offers health-conscious drinkers a sparkling alternative to the existing beverages currently available on the market. 

Infused with natural flavourings, Naughty Water’s hard seltzers are gluten-free and are vegan/keto-friendly, with added vitamin C. With less than 72 calories in a 250ml can, they are a light and refreshing way to enjoy a delicious, crystal-clear seltzer, – laced with premium (5% ABV) vodka. 

Naughty Water’s hard seltzers come in three captivating flavours:

Sparkling Cranberry that sings with crisp, tart and sweet cranberry flavour, clean seltzer and vodka (5% ABV). Sparkling Mango + Passionfruit that adds an uplifting tropical sunshine to effervescent seltzer and vodka (5% ABV). And Sparkling Blood Orange that goes down like a Miami sunset with rich, tangy citrus notes, – riding above a cool, refreshing seltzer and premium vodka (5% ABV). 

Naughty Water’s cans are also aluminium, recycled and recyclable, with the label consisting of matt paper (so that no lamination is used), whilst its outer cases are made with cardboard, and paper tape is used, – rather than plastic.

Hard Seltzers, also known as ‘spiked seltzers,’ has seen an explosive sector growth over the last couple of years, and the market is set to be worth £1.8 billion by 2022. 

Hard seltzers (as a sector) has won enormous appeal, driven by social media and a surge in clean-living and healthy lifestyle trends, and the events of 2020 have also aided to the rise of the Ready To Drink (RTD) category, thanks to an increase in drinking from home and on-trade restrictions.

Naughty Water is a collaboration between two friends and entrepreneurs: Simon Horth and Charlie Brake (a Grand son of Frank Brake), – who along with his two brothers, also set up a food distribution company called Brakes. 

The dynamic duo decided to bring their shared passion for clean living (with a dash of healthy hedonism), into the UK drinks market. Between them they have both co-founded a number of other entrepreneurial outlets, and Naughty Water is their latest adventure, born as a COVID lock-down project.

Simon Horth, the Co-Director at Naughty Water, said: “With this new line of delicious, vodka-spiked seltzers, we aim to give drinkers an invigorating and refreshing alternative to beers, wine and spirit mixers, that too often comes loaded with chemicals and calories. Naughty Water is clean, crisp and invigorating, and it complements healthy and active lifestyles.

The duo has also been fortunate enough to be featured on ‘The Next Big Thing’ start-up TV show, and their product ‘Naughty Water’ was listed recently in the Telegraph as one of the ‘best new drinks to launch this year.’

Naughty Water’s Hard Seltzers are available here: