‘8pm Coffee’ Launches With Their Debut Product: ‘The Optimist,’ – A Premium Fair Trade Single Origin Decaf Espresso From Peru

Founded by Ben, Alice and Ansgar, 8pm Coffee was launched with the aim of creating an incredible-tasting decaffeinated coffee that rivals some of the very best high-end speciality coffees in the market, with the depth of the flavour, but minus any of the side effects caused by caffeine.

The coffee-loving trio had started to notice some negative effects from drinking caffeine, – from insomnia, to nervousness, to palpitations to stomach issues, and like many of us passionate coffee drinkers, they started to question whether drinking coffee was worth it (or not).

And after speaking to some friends, they discovered that more than half of them experienced similar issues, with some of them going so far as to say that caffeine was DAMAGING their mental health.

With this in mind, the coffee-enthusiasticv trio started to research caffeine, and its’ effects on the body, and they found recent studies that show that caffeine DOES have a negative effect, particularly on increasing sleep disorders and anxiety disorders amongst drinkers. Additionally, they surveyed 124 people. And this is what the results said:

  • 55% of the people they surveyed confirmed that caffeine may have impacted their health in a negative way.
  • Out of those, 65% suffered from sleeplessness, 50% suffered from an increased heart rate, and 45% of people suffered with a form of anxiety after drinking coffee.
  • More than 30% of people already drink decaf in addition to caffeinated coffee.
  • 50% of respondents don’t like to put too much caffeine into their body unnecessarily, and they think its better for their health if they don’t.

Armed with this new information, the team set about finding a decaf coffee that lived up to the taste test. Unfortunately, decaffeinated coffee has long been seen as the coffee world’s ‘ugly duckling:’ overlooked and unloved. Most roasters aren’t passionate about decaf coffee either, – mainly because they haven’t found good quality decaf green beans.

Decaf coffee was previously made with chemical solvents, resulting in thin, insipid, or bitter coffee. At the same time, the decaffeination process is expensive, so in order to keep the prices down, inferior coffees were often used.

In spite of this, 8pm Coffee has managed to source some of the world’s very best quality beans, to give everyone the opportunity to experience great-tasting coffee, whilst skipping the negative health effects of caffeine. And even better, their decaffeinated coffee is loaded with a similar amount of antioxidants and nutrients as caffeinated coffee.

Their debut decaf product, “The Optimist,” – is a premium single origin decaf espresso from the San Ignacio and Jaen regions of Peru. A mixture of Cattura, Typica and Catimor beans, customers can expect tasting notes of almond, raspberry and dark chocolate, grown at an altitude of 1650 to 2000 above sea level, and it’s sure to impress even the most discerning coffee drinker.

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8pm Coffee is on a mission to redefine what it means to drink decaffeinated coffee. No longer should those who opt for decaf coffee feel let down by the flavour, just because caffeine is no longer their buzz.

The product is available as one-time purchase (250g, 500g and 1kg), or as a weekly or monthly subscription, and in whole bean: French press (coarse), drip (medium) or espresso (fine). There is also a wholesale option for businesses, too.

With 8pm Coffee, you are left with outstanding flavours, and some of the positive health benefits of coffee, including links to a reduced risk of T2 diabetes and Alzheimers disease. The brand has also enlisted the help of an expert nutritionist to advise on how best to reap the benefits of its beans, as well as conducting research with hundreds of coffee lovers.

Two of the three Founders, Ben Charalambous and Alice Wainwright previously worked in the food and drinks industry. Alice previously worked as a barista, and Ben worked in the ‘fine dining’ industry, and he worked with Gordon Ramsay. They’re now on a mission to help the UK say NO to mediocre coffee.

The Founders said: “We are thrilled to launch a decaf coffee which truly stands up against the best high-end speciality brew in terms of flavour, aroma and drinking experience. We can’t wait to show our customer’s what we have been working so hard on.”

Grab your decaffeinated dose here: 8pmcoffee.co.uk