The Team Behind ‘Lost Stock’ Launches ‘This Is Unfolded:’ A New Way To Buy Clothes, And Reduce Product Wastage

After supporting a staggering 113,000 garment workers during the pandemic, the team behind ‘Lost Stock‘ IS BACK with a brand new concept, ‘This Is Unfolded,’ – which aims to create long term change in the fashion industry.

‘This is Unfolded’ has introduced a brand new approach to clothes shopping that is better for the planet, for workers, for consumers, and for society as a whole. The initiative has already attracted various high-profile fans, including: Martha from the Great British Bake Off, Sian Lloyd, and Sophie Porley to name just a few.

Providing high quality clothes at high street prices, This is Unfolded removes the waste inherent in fashion retail, and then uses the savings made to deliver sustainable clothes at affordable prices, pay garment workers better wages, and create a long term positive impact with each sale funding education for children in India.

Over 30% of newly-produced clothes are never worn and they end up in landfill, and on top of that, last year (in response to COVID), fashion brands cancelled over $2bn of completed clothes orders, – meaning that they made no payments to the garment workers who produced them. 

This is Unfolded is pioneering a new factory-to-consumer model, combined with a unique community-driven approach and data insights, – used to drastically reduce product wastage and industry inefficiencies. By removing the waste element, the brand makes clothes more sustainably, whilst improving the lives of their workers, and their local communities. 

On top of this, TIU ensures that their garment workers are paid better through the Unfolded Worker Fund, and as education is the cornerstone of change, – each ‘Unfolded’ purchase directly funds children’s education in India through their NGO partner, Pratham.

This is Unfolded’s ‘Collection 01’ launched in March 2021, and the organisation took almost two thousand orders in just 3 weeks, meaning that they were able to support 550 children in education for a year through Pratham. And from this collection, only 1% of orders were returned, – much lower than the usual 30% as typically seen in the industry. 

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Shoppers who join the Unfolded Creator community can add their opinions, swap products (with postage paid by This is Unfolded), and engage with other like-minded shoppers. Collection 02 features a range of dresses, jumpsuits and tops.

‘This Is Unfolded’ was set up by Cally Russell, who also set up Lost Stock in May 2020, – following on from his work with Mallzee, the retail insights business. Lost Stock was a global success. Originally from Dunoon, and with a degree from Dundee University, – Cally is a regular contributor to Forbes, and he was previously selected by Forbes for their ’30 Under 30′ European influencer list, and by Drapers in their Next Generation – Ones To Watch.

Cally Russell, the CEO and Co-Founder of This is Unfolded, said:It’s clear that the retail industry is totally broken. What we saw last year, – with billions of dollars of orders being cancelled with little or no regard for workers, shows that it’s time to re-balance the system. This is Unfolded is on a mission to create a new model of retail that’s better for the planet, society, workers and for consumers.

He added: “We do this by removing the waste from the bloated system to fund improvements across product and our supply chain. Our work with Lost Stock has showed us that consumers are ready for something different, and we can’t wait for them to try out This is Unfolded, and to join our mission.

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