Eco-Lux: The British Sustainable-Lifestyle Brand, Wild + Stone, – Has Launched An Equity-Crowdfunding Campaign On Seedrs

The British sustainable-lifestyle brand, Wild + Stone, – has launched an equity-crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, – to help fund their expansion, – having already sold over 100k products since launching, just 3 years ago.

Wild & Stone is an eco-lux start-up that’s on a mission to create easy-to-adopt, usable, and stylish alternatives to single-use plastic. As well as their focus on sustainability and high-quality products, the brand also has a strong emphasis towards design.

Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues. Yet each year, the UK still generates around five million tonnes of plastic. In just three years since launching, Wild & Stone has designed and produced over 86 high-quality eco-products, ranging from household, to personal care, to baby-weaning, to on-the-go, – all of which are ethically-sourced, sustainably-produced, and CO2-neutral.

Having already sold 100,000+ products since launching just three years ago, the team are now ready for the next stage of their growth, and they’re looking for backers to join them on their mission towards creating a healthier planet for future generations, starting out with an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs.

Kathryn Jonas, Wild & Stone’s Founder, said: “We’re really excited to be partnering with Seedrs to raise funds to help support our growth plans. We plan to launch over 30 new products in 2021 alone. We’re keen to expand our range of eco-essentials even further, whilst using the funds to develop our sales and marketing resources, to support our future growth.”

Kathryn has long dreamt of running her own company: to be able to work when she wants, where she wants, and fit her work around her life, rather than the opposite. “With a return to the corporate world looming after the birth of my second child in 2017, I was left wondering how it would be possible to keep up the 9-5 whilst raising two small children, so it was at this point that I knew something had to change,” explains Kathryn.

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Founder Kathryn

Her journey towards a plastic-free life started, – because of a toothbrush she bought for her daughter. She opened a plastic box to get out her plastic toothbrush, – and this was when the penny dropped.

“I wondered how many times this was happening on a daily basis, and it was then that it really hit home. I was part of the problem. I knew there had to be other options, and after doing a bit of research I found some, but I couldn’t find any designs that I liked, and wanted to have around my home. As a devotee to the Marie Kondo theory, I believe that ‘less is more,’ and that the items you own should be things that you truly like and ‘spark joy,” continued Kathryn.

In 2021, Wild & Stone added 90 new wholesalers, 5 global marketplaces, and they launched onto 5 additional Amazon markets (North America, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Mexico).

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