Get Active (The Eco-Friendly Way), With MFB Activewear.

MFB Activewear is the eco-friendly activewear brand that everyone’s talking about. The start-up is on a quest to change the game, – with their bright, colourful, and cosy activewear (which is affordable and accessible to all). 

The leggings are made from 20(ish) recycled plastic bottles. For each pair sold, one tree is planted: “Our Forest is growing fast! We are the reason that almost 850 trees have been planted in less than 1 year. We so proud,” said Adrianne Heasley, the CEO and Co-Founder at MFB Activewear. 

Launched in late 2020/early 2021, the activewear brand was set-up by 2 sisters-in-law (Adrianne Heasley and Hannah Reilly) from Oxfordshire, who have long dreamt of running their own business(es). The duo includes two busy mums that are obsessed with activewear: it was their passion for activewear and ‘being active,’ – that drove the two busy mums to create their own leggings (alongside their day jobs, of course).

As well as running MFB Activewear, Adrianne also works for a children’s swimming company, where she teaches young children to learn how to swim, and Hannah previously ran fitness classes for mums and babies (another inspiration behind starting the brand). Now, Hannah works at a local care home.

We are proof that anyone can create something they’re proud of if they put their mind to it. We started building our business in March 2020, during the first lock-down. While spending waayy too many hours on Zoom, our eco-curiosity (and tick list, of course) got the better of us, and we finally put years of procrastinating into action, said MFB Activewear’s Co-Founder, Hannah.

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MFB Activewear’s debut legging launch included six funky patterned leggings (sizes UK 6-22) in December 2020. Fast forward to now, and the duo has just launched four more stunning designs, and a whole range of new shorts and capris, – with more on the way, soon.

Since launching, MFB Activewear has already been featured in Hello Magazine, and is loved by Mama Established, whilst being a sell-out at the ‘Oxfords Fitfest’ event.

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