Bemuse Sparkling Mead: SMASHING The No-Low Space. Here’s How

ONE CAN AT A TIME! Bemuse‘s low-alcohol, low-calorie, sparkling craft mead (which is brewed, crafted, and canned in the UK), – is SMASHING the no-low industry.

Their revolutionary new sparkling meads are made from water, yeast, and honey (all of which are absolutely essential to make mead), AND raspberry, ginger, herbs, hops, and cascade hops (SKU-dependent).

With zero artificial sweeteners, these innovative drinks are available in four buzzing flavours: 1. Raspberry, 2. Tarragon, Basil and Hops, 3. Ginger and Cardamom, and 4. Hops. At 0.5% ABV (which is technically non-alcoholic, by UK standards), and with only 40 calories per can, Bemuse is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a tasty, thirst-quenching drink, – without the effects of alcohol.

Bemuse launched this year in June 2021. Already, the brand has managed to build a strong reputation for providing high-quality, refreshing drinks.

Their recent award win (from the IWSC (the International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2021) is a true testament to their innovative flavours. It’s also proof that Bemuse has mass appeal. After sampling Bemuse’s Tarragon, Basil & Hops, the judges (who are highly-qualified, respected experts in the sector), said: “Honey to the fore in all aspects, large perlage lifting toffee aromas, intense honey and herbs on the palate, long lingering yet gentle finish allowing apricot to develop.”

Impressively, Bemuse’s were also been named as the ‘Best Low or No Alcohol Drink,’ and the ‘Best Sparkling Drink,’ at the World Beverage Innovation Awards in September (2021).

“It’s been a whirlwind few months since Bemuse made its debut. We’re absolutely thrilled that the IWSC judges have recognised its standing in the low-alcohol category. Customers are loving Bemuse mead, too, and this latest award reflects the potential it has to make a lasting impression,” said Bemuse’s Co-Founder, Anna Chalov.

“We created Bemuse to provide variety and originality in the drinks sector, – in response to the customer demand for more interesting styles and flavours in the growing low-and-no alcohol market. By reimagining mead (the world’s oldest alcoholic drink), our range of four different sparkling low-alcohol craft meads has created a new category of its own,” added Anna.

Anna Chalov has been a fervent consumer of low-alcohol drinks for a long time now, – starting out with the birth of her eldest child, 16 years ago. At the time, there were very few options available for those who were moderating their drinking. This meant: resorting to the usual: juices, lemonades, or tonic water.

However, even as her children became older and a sober lifestyle was no longer a necessity, Anna discovered that there was little space for alcohol for a modern woman with an active and positive outlook. Especially, one with no time for alcohol consumption, and the subsequent recovery needed.

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Whether it was a family event, a productive work meeting, an efficient gym workout, an immersive artistic experience, pursuing hobbies, or even just driving, Anna needed her senses to be working at 100% at all times. However, as she quickly discovered, drinking culture is deeply rooted within our civilisation’s history.

By completely denouncing the social and sensorial experience of tasting quality beers and wines, Anna felt as though she was completely discarding millenniums of human innovation. As a result, she became incredibly enthusiastic about the future, – when the low-and-no alcohol movement started.

And with new technologies emerging (to enable the production of high-quality alcohol substitutes), Anna focused her attention and her efforts on providing consumers with a more innovative selection, and a novel experience, – something with a complex taste palate like a “sophisticated” drink, but without the negative consequences of alcohol.

After graduating from the London Business School, Anna joined the world of private banking. She set up (from scratch) a family office for one of her clients. In this role, she dealt with successful entrepreneurs, and because of this, she was constantly involved with start-up businesses, – helping to kick-start early stage entrepreneurial initiatives as a manager. This has proved helpful with the launch of her own brand, Bemuse.

Bemuse’s other Co-Founder, Nataliya Peretrutova, – has been creating and developing new and meaningful market innovations for over 25 years.

Nataliya has worked as an individual, and with specialists from various disciplines, – to develop and test new products, ideas, and bring them to market (successfully). Her broad range of experience includes a myriad of categories, including consumer products, beauty, food and beverage, mother and child care, lighting, medical, and intimate care. 

But more appropriately, her collaborations have included many well-known alcohol and soft drinks companies in their development of new flavours, formats and packaging.

Nataliya and Anna decided to join forces, and embark on their own entrepreneurial journey, – bringing their passions for low-alcohol drinks and business together.

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