Rockfall (The Award Winning Rum Brand) Turns One This Month.

A husband-and-wife duo (who launched their own rum brand, Rockfall) from their kitchen table in November 2020, – are celebrating it’s 1st birthday this month. 

Claire and Tristan Ramsay (from Buckinghamshire) launched Rockfall Rum during the middle of lock-down. The brand was born from their desire to create a beautiful and smooth (yet premium) spiced rum, – with mass appeal.

“Tristan and I had always wanted to start a business together. We LOVE spirits and cocktails, and we tend to spend more money on our drinks as a treat. We briefly thought about starting a gin brand, but the market felt saturated, so our talk turned to rum. Shortly after this chat, I randomly found a newspaper article talking about spiced rum being “the next big thing.” So we had a Eureka moment, and we decided to create our own,” said Claire.

So the husband-and-wife duo created their own distinct recipe at home from their kitchen table, before partnering with a distillery to produce their newly-created concoction at scale. Rockfall is handcrafted, using bespoke copper stills to create a distinctively rich and smooth flavour spiced with caramel, vanilla, nutmeg, and orange zest. It’s best served “on the rocks.”

Also, Claire and Tristan are eager to re-educate people about what a beautiful drink rum can be.  Claire explained:

“We’re trying to erase the last thirty years of people’s perceptions when it comes to rum. It doesn’t help that the marketing around it is so outdated. There’s so much branding around pirates and sea references. We wanted to move away from that idea, and create a current brand that appeals to all. Rockfall’s simple and eye-catching label was designed by Tristan, who is an animator, so we were able to work together to create a unique style and look.”

“Rum until very recently has been overlooked and unloved. Gin has dominated the shelves for well over a decade now. Customers are always looking for new products, and the premiumisation of rum is coming at a time that rum sales are proven to be on the rise. This is all part of the lock-down home-bartender effect, which saw a massive growth in off-trade rum sales. Now bars and restaurants are open again, this is translating into higher rum sales on-trade too,” said Claire.

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Rockfall’s ambition is to work with the larger retailers and pub-chains, while also continuing to grow the brand through local shops, pubs, bars, and restaurants. After launching two smaller sized Rockfall bottles, the entrepreneurs now have their eye on creating new products, flavours, and a RTD option in the coming few months.

Prior to launching Rockfall, Claire was a stay-at-home-mum between 2010 and 2020. Tristan is a designer, and he runs his own animation company, called Frantic.

Since launching, Rockfall has proven to be a hit amongst both experts and consumers this year, winning a silver medal in the International Wine and Spirits Competition for its distinctive taste. The brand then went on to win the best regional start up in the Muddy Stilettos awards (as voted for by the public).

Rockfall products are currently sold on various online platforms, on Amazon, in pubs, in restaurants, and in small retailers across the UK. Also, the independent supermarket, Partridges, – has just snapped up Rockfall Rum (ready for the Christmas period), and anyone who is taking a trip up to Scotland on the Caledonian Sleeper train can enjoy a drop of Rockfall en route.

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