When Earthy Nail Polish Won A Pure Beauty Award Back In 2021

Last year in 2021, Earthy Nail Polish won a Pure Beauty Award. The awards were hosted by Cheryl Hole (the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star).

The hugely popular, high-profile event saw just under 400 beauty industry guests gather to celebrate the industry’s innovation during the year of 2021. 

The Cosmetics Business editorial team faced the overwhelming challenge of having to whittle down just under 600 entries for the final shortlist, to ensure that each entry deserved to be there. Since its creation in 2001, the Pure Beauty Awards has since gone on to become one of the most recognised events in the beauty industry.

Earthy Nail Polish were proudly shortlisted for three categories at the event:

  • ‘Best New British Brand,’
  • ‘Best New Natural Product,’
  • And ‘Best Special Innovation.’

“We [were] delighted to win bronze at the ceremony in London in October for ‘Best New British Brand.’ This [was] a HUGE achievement for us, as we are still relatively new, and we only launched in May [last] year! We [were] super excited to be one of the top three winners for ‘Best New British Brand’ at the 2021 Pure Beauty awards,” said Earthy Nail Polish’s Founder, Satpal Singh.

But Satpal is NOT stopping there: “we are motivated to continue our hard work in sustainability, and we’ll continue to push towards cleaner beauty. Our motto is that ‘beauty doesn’t have to come at a cost to our planet,’ and we hope to maintain this winning streak with the launch of more exciting new eco-conscious products [this] year,” added Satpal.

Satpal has been in the cosmetics industry for over 10 years, and having extensively studied sustainable strategies at Harvard Business School, she became disillusioned by the profit-over-everything mentality.

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As a result, Earthy Nail Polish is a 21-free, vegan nail polish brand, which was born out of the frustration towards unsustainable nail brands that do more harm than good. Earthy’s products are made with 79% naturally derived plant-based ingredients (cassava, corn and sugar cane), and they’re finished with an anti-bacterial bamboo cap. Their natural origin nail polish provides salon-worthy shine, and longevity, – with polishes coming in 30 shades.

Earthy is determined to deal with a major problem in the nail polish industry: the plastic cap. To combat this issue, they’ve developed a bamboo cap that is biodegradable, naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and decomposable. Also, they’ve replaced single-use plastic with highly sustainable bamboo, and a 100% PCP seal. Earthy’s nails removers and treatments are 100% acetone free, 100% acetate free, and 99% natural origin (as well as being bio-sourced).

As well as this, the brand has JUST launched a ‘recycle and reuse programme.’ The programme allows for a circular economy with the materials used: it works by returning the used nail polish bottles and bamboo caps. They then clean, sterilise, and reuse the materials, and anything that is beyond use, – is processed through their recycling management partner. 

Last but not least, the nail polishes and treatments are produced with a platinum 2020 Ecovadis Sustainability rating: they contain no inner or outer production packaging. They use limited levels of VOC emissions and optimized extraction, which lowers their impact on the environment: 97% of hazardous raw materials, 83% of the total waste is recycled, and 100% of industrial wastewaters are treated.

Their sister brand, Nailture has sold over 500k units in Switzerland since its launch in November 2020, and Satpal expects the same with Earthy Nail Polish, – due to the quality of the polish.

Find out more here: https://www.earthynailpolish.com