Jordan Tuck’s J.LUXE.FIT: Body Positive, Comfy Activewear.

J.LUXE.FIT is a Gloucestershire-based fitness-wear start-up Founded by Jordan Tuck, – at the age of just 22 (during the first COVID-19 lock-down, in 2020).

Jordan Tuck’s J.LUXE.FIT, – is an empowering, body positive, comfortable activewear brand.

And here’s why she started it: “As a curvaceous woman on my weight loss journey, I just couldn’t find a matching sports bra and leggings that held my bust in place, – that made me feel supported and confident enough to wear to the gym. This was due to a long standing thyroid condition, and multiple surgeries,” said Jordan.

“Everything I found was either too flimsy and fell down, OR, it looked like something I had borrowed from my Nan. It never matched, and I never felt confident to wear it out. This meant that I was further away from achieving my weight loss goals,” added the young entrepreneur.

So Jordan decided to start HER OWN brand. She spent six months researching and testing fabrics, designs and samples, and in August 2020, she launched J.LUXE.FIT. Already, she’s two stone lighter (this is because the sportswear she has created makes her feel confident enough to want to exercise more, and go to the gym).

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As well as running J.LUXE.FIT, Jordan also works as a Business Development Manager for a large insurance broker, where she looks after partnerships and local marketing activity for 15+ branches. However, her goal is to eventually run J.LUXE.FIT full time.

Since launching, impressively, Jordan has managed to garner over up over one thousand orders worldwide.

AND, she’s created an empowering Instagram community of 11k+ women who support each other on their individual fitness journeys.

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