Have Fun And Bake Plant-Based Cakes Easily, With Mix + Rise.

Mix + Rise is showing the world how fun (and easy) it is to bake plant-based cakes at home, with their selection of baking kits, and their monthly subscription.

The business was set up by Fleur Colvile during lock-down in May 2020, and the kits consist of 100% organic flour, and 100% plastic-free materials (NatureFlex™, and an eco vacuum pouch, to be more specific).

Anyway… Here is Fleur’s story:

“I was going to a friend’s for dinner, and I’d been tasked with baking a vegan cake. I used to work as a chef, so generally, I’d consider myself to be quite confident in the kitchen, but I was surprised by how out of my depth I felt baking without eggs and dairy for the first time,” said the food entrepreneur.

“In the end, I found a recipe online, and I made a very average cake, but this got me thinking: if I didn’t know where to start, I probably wasn’t the only one. Being the curious person that I am, I asked my good friend Dani (who is a chef) about his experience with baking vegan,” added Fleur.

“We began to explore the idea together, and it sort of snowballed into a business idea from there. Dani and I started to recipe test in the kitchen, and to be honest, we were amazed by how delicious the cakes were. We wanted to create a product that allows consumers to explore plant-based baking in a fun and easy way for the first time, so baking kits with pre-weighed dry ingredients and a recipe made the most sense,” said Fleur.

Prior to launching Mix + Rise, Fleur spent most of her twenties working in early stage start-ups. She thrived off of the uncertainty, with no two days being the same. But perhaps her most formative experience was at the plant business, Patch.

Fleur was their first ever employee. She joined on day two, and she witnessed the business grow from zero to hero. Fleur worked in Operations, Sales and Merchandising, so it was a perfect learning ground. However right before starting Mix + Rise, Fleur was working as a Sales Executive at the Abel & Cole start-up, ‘Fed by Abel and Cole,’ which delivered food to the office, but unfortunately, she was made redundant (due to the pandemic).

“”We have validated the idea that baking with natural plant-based ingredients can be just as delicious, and as fun as baking with animal-based ingredients. We’re really excited to create the most remarkable plant-based home baking experience,” said Fleur.

Since launching, Mix + Rise has delivered 500+ baking kits, and they’re currently in the process of raising angel investment. They sell via their own platform, and via various third party online retailers. Having launched in the pandemic with an ecommerce letterbox solution, they’ve just launched some baking kits which are better suited for instore shopping, and they’re beginning to build out their stockists offline, too.

Find out more here: https://www.mixandrise.com