MyoMaster’s ‘Unique Partnership’ With Harlequins Rugby Club.

Rugby union club Harlequins – has announced a brand new recovery partnership with the sports recovery experts, MyoMaster, – extending out to women’s teams, too.

The business was launched in 2018 by one of Harlequins’ very own team members, Joe Gray, and Lottie Whyte, – a former advertising and communications executive, with a background in high performance sport: hockey.

Lottie started MyoMaster as a side hustle in her kitchen, to help her and her business partner, Joe Gray overcome their injuries. Over the last three years, the business has grown 200% YoY, raised funding, and launched internationally.

Not only did Lottie have her first baby during this time, but she was also a finalist at the 2021 Natwest Everywoman Awards, too!

“MyoMaster was born out of a genuine need. As a professional rugby player, the first MyoMaster prototype was developed to treat my own injuries. The evolution since then has been incredible. Having my teammates alongside me, trying and testing as we develop the best iterations, – has allowed us to create products which are finely tuned to the genuine needs of athletes,” explained Joe Gray.

Harlequins and England legends Chris Robshaw, Danny Care, Joe Marler, – were amongst the first athletes to try MyoMaster’s original product, and to use it for recovery, and to treat injury. As the new Official Recovery Partner of Harlequins, Harlequins have incorporated MyoMaster’s recovery technology into their training and rehabilitation.

The products give players the tools they need to take care of their bodies during training, and at home, – improving their overall recovery time between games and training sessions. MyoMaster’s percussive, compression, occlusion and EMS products are used for warm-up, injury prevention, and for maximising performance for pre and post-training, and for pitch-side during games.

One of the key factors of Harlequins’ success as the reigning Gallagher Premiership champions, has been the club’s relentless commitment to optimum performance, through player load and recovery management, with MyoMaster technology being a key tool in the medical team’s efforts.

“MyoMaster’s products have become a mainstay in our medical team’s tools for aiding player recovery over the last few years. The products have become a key part in how we help our players recover each week, and it’s great to partner with them going forward,” said Mike Lancaster, the Head of Medical Services at Harlequins.

Joe Gray has played for Harlequins since 2010, with 14 seasons under his belt, and two England tours, and he’s the only player in the history of English Rugby to have won every single domestic title. As well as being the Co-founder of MyoMaster, he’s also the Director of Rugby at Barnes RFC.

Danny Care, a Harlequins player, England international said: “At 35, looking after my body is paramount. With the help of MyoMaster, I have been able to take my recovery to a new level, which not only feeds into my physical performance on the pitch, but it also plays a big part in injury prevention, and it directly enhances the longevity of my professional career.”

MyoMaster has now created a new range of cutting-edge technology that allows everyday athletes to give their body elite level recovery, at an affordable price.

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