Artisan Drinks Launches 200ml Perfect Serve Cans Into Ocado.

ANNOUNCEMENT! Artisan Drinks are launching their first-to-market, 200ml ‘perfect serve’ can range into Ocado (AND into various other independent retailers too).

The launch will include their all-new Yuzu Tokyo Tonic flavour.

The cans are currently available in five different flavours in packs of six, but there’ll be a twenty-four pack launching into retail, as well. The flavours include: 1. Classic London Tonic, 2. Skinny London Tonic, 3. Pink Citrus Tonic, 4. Amalfi Lime Tonic, and 5. Fiery Ginger Beer. NOTE: Each can will feature Artisan Drinks’ iconic and elegant art-deco inspired artwork (of which the brand is famous for).

And with NO OTHER 200ml mixer cans currently available, it’s clear that Artisan are addressing a HUGE gap in the market, by creating more choice for the end consumer, – allowing everyone to make the perfect serve at home.

“Creating the perfect drink at home can be challenging. With mixers available in everything from 150ml cans to 1 litre bottles, it’s hard to know how much you should be using,” said Artisan Drinks’ Co-founder, Mikey Enright. 

“Most 150ml cans on the market are a hangover from airline demand. By choosing to create the perfect serve measure over our own ease, our 200ml cans simplify the process for shoppers. We’ve fortunately avoided the current supply chain and production issues facing many of our industry colleagues, meaning that we can supply retailers almost straight away, allowing them to quickly fulfil their customers’ needs,” added Mikey.

Founded in 2018, Artisan Drinks’ products are made with 100% natural ingredients, and with unique flavour combinations to complement craft spirits, rather than just drowning them in artificial ingredients or sugar.

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The brand was set-up when Alan Walsh, Mikey Enright, and Steve Coope met in a bar in Australia. The trio had a desire to do things differently, which led to their existing ethos of ‘why blend in, when you can stand out…’ Alan (an international artist) designed all of the artwork for Artisan Drinks. Mikey is an award winning bar owner, and the owner of The Barber Shop in Sydney, and Steve brings his expertise to the table as a beverage entrepreneur.

With consumers actively seeking more environmentally-friendly products, Artisan Drinks is also a member of Planet Mark, which works passionately with organisations, – to empower their people to halt the climate crisis.

Planet Mark has recently accredited Artisan through the awarding of an internationally-recognised sustainability certification (the launch of the 200ml cans is part of Artisan Drinks’ strategic road-map towards CO2 neutrality, with an ongoing commitment to measure, monitor, and reduce their carbon footprint).

Since launching, Artisan has gone from strength-to-strength. They’ve won an armful of accolades. They were part of the ‘Top 10 Trending Global Mixer Brand,’ in Drinks International’s ‘Annual Brand Report 2021,’ AND they were voted #1 and #2 for Taste, by 130,000 members of the World’s Largest Gin Club: The Craft Gin Club.

Also, 2021 saw a fantastic 47% growth for the brand.

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