Bullards Has Launched A New Pineapple, Ginger, And Lime Gin.

Bullards (the luxury, sustainable, British gin company) has launched their brand new Pineapple, Ginger, & Lime gin, to add to their unique selection of spirits.

The new gin was created especially to coincide with the opening of their latest flagship store in Covent Garden, on 28 Henrietta Street, London, WC2. Visitors can drop in for a chat with a Bullards gin expert, whilst browsing and tasting the the retailer’s exciting range of sustainable British gins.

In addition to this, a number of bookable masterclasses are available. These are perfect for gin enthusiasts who want to try something new, and experience-led.

Bullards’ brand new Pineapple, Ginger, & Lime gin, is a decadent combination of flavours, featuring juicy roasted pineapple, with feisty ginger warmth, and… citrusy lime leaf.

Allow your taste buds to transport you to tropical climates, with this unique edition.

We are thrilled to launch our latest gin, to add to our portfolio of sustainable independent spirits. We’ve chosen pineapple as our base, due to its rich history with Covent Garden – to coincide with our new shop opening on 28 Henrietta Street,” said Bullards’ Owner, Russell Evans.

The new gin will also be available in Bullards Eco-Pouches, so you can refill your bottle for life.

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A market leader on the UK gin scene, Bullards was founded in 1837 by Richard Bullard. Spanning six generations, the brand went through a redesign in 2018. With immense pride and respect for its heritage, Bullards Spirits launched its new, beautiful packaging and modern branding, with the ‘Tipsy Anchor’ taking centre stage. The unique bottle shape is a nod to the iconic landmark chimney that stood proud over Norwich for over 100 years.

About Russell Evans:

Having started his career as a Brand Manager with Grand Metropolitan (now Diageo), in 1985, Russell Evans’ clients included the likes of Budweiser, Fosters and Carlsberg. Whilst he was there, one client in particular was the Norwich Brewery, which owned a small beer brand called Bullards. In 1989, he decided to take a change of direction, so he went to work at one of the marketing agencies he used whilst still at Grand Metropolitan.

Russell Evans (above)

In 1991, Russell bought into the agency, and he re-branded it to ‘The Works.’ In 2011, Russell sold the business to his then business partner, and he looked for his next venture. In 2015, Russell Evans asked Heineken (who owned the Bullards assets at the time) if he could buy them, and £1,000 later – the deal was done!

Russell Evans has completely reignited the Bullards brand. Bullards continued to make beer, but they transitioned to a gin a few years later. Their first gin was their London Dry Gin, which won ‘best in the world’ in 2017, and since then, the Bullards gin brand has continued to grow.

Find out more here: https://bullardsspirits.co.uk