LAUNCHING TODAY: DEWCY: The 100% Transparent Skincare Brand.

LAUNCHING TODAY: DEWCY: a British, female-led, sustainable skincare brand that uses responsibly-sourced ingredients (with a focus on 100% product transparency).

On March 23rd, 2020, the country went into lock-down. DEWCY was incorporated on the same day. That year, DEWCY’s skin-prep line went on sale, however, their skincare line has remained in R&D for two years, until today: launch day.

From their waterless face balm concentrates, to their wheat straw dermaplaners, DEWCY’s patent-pending skincare formulas focus on repairing the skin barrier, – bringing a little calm and comfort to the skin.

DEWCY is a transparent, ethical beauty brand that uses responsibly-sourced ingredients. Their website reveals what ingredients have been used, where and how they were sourced, and how they were tested and manufactured.

Sarah Hannett launched DEWCY in response to the lack of openness between consumers and brands. This was brought to the forefront in 2020, when her friend called her in tears, following a recent breast cancer diagnosis.

Sarah’s friend had been given a list of things to avoid by her doctor, but she couldn’t understand the INCI names (the scientific names of ingredients on the back of skincare products). This fuelled her to research WHAT ingredients did, and HOW chemicals react with the skin. In Spring 2020, Sarah decided to invest all of her life savings into DEWCY. She employed scientists, and she spoke with chemists and dermatologists.

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In trying to help my friend make sense of it all, I realised what a minefield the skincare industry had become. I became passionate about changing that and solving this issue for other women, by tearing down the walls between brands and consumers, and by adopting a ‘What We Know You Know’ policy,” said Sarah.

Prior to launching DEWCY, Sarah graduated with a Business degree, before working in luxury retail and marketing for a decade. Then, she decided to take a break, to become a full-time registered carer for her two children, Isla and Freddie.

In their first few months of trading, Dewcy partnered with an organisation that plants trees, Ecologi. Dewcy will give away a percentage of their profits each year to a chosen charity.

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