Gramersi 2.0 Is Now LIVE. Read The Full Announcement Here.

Dear Gramersi Community,

On behalf of the entire Gramersi team, I am extremely proud and elated to announce that Gramersi 2.0 is now LIVE.

As mentioned in our 2022 New Year message, we have always known that we would eventually roll out the 2.0 platform. We just didn’t know what it would look like, what it would include, or what the key focus would be. But then, it clicked. The penny dropped. And so, last year (in 2021), our CTO, Ashley – began to build it.

OK… So What Is Gramersi 2.0, Then?

“Gramersi 2.0 is a shoppable content marketplace that makes it quick and easy for people to discover, learn about, and shop the latest brands…”

Why Are We Doing This?

Since launching in July/August 2020, we’ve noticed that our readers have clicked through to various brand websites from our articles to make a purchase. How do we know this? Because they’ve told us about it. They’ve shouted about it online. Also, people frequently contact us for product recommendations.

AND, as you’ve probably gathered by now, we support start-ups. It’s what we do. However, up until now, that support has been limited to promotion only.

Well. Not any more. Now, brands can SELL on Gramersi, too. We’ve rejected the traditional publishing advertising model, and we’ve swapped it out for a fully-integrated, shoppable marketplace, instead. This means that moving forward, we can support start-ups more profoundly than ever before.

Here’s Why YOU Should Use Gramersi 2.0:

For Shoppers:

  1. Buy straight from articles, without leaving the site,
  2. Find, learn about, and shop the latest start-ups before anyone else,
  3. Find, learn about, and shop the latest start-ups on the Gramersi shop/marketplace,
  4. Follow the latest brands, and get first access to the latest news, products, and more.

For Retail Start-ups:

  1. Create your own shoppable vendor profile,
  2. List and sell your products on the Gramersi shop/marketplace,
  3. Get your news featured on the Gramersi home page, and on your vendor profile – in a shoppable way.
  4. Build an online following: gain fans, and keep them updated with your latest news, products, and more.

How To Register:

If you’re a customer who is looking to shop through Gramersi, you can create a free account here.

Or, if you’re a brand who is looking to sell through Gramersi as a vendor, get in touch here.

Related Products

NOTE: At the moment, we’re only accepting brands we’ve previously worked with, via a manual approval process, until we launch to the public. However, feel free to get in touch if you’d like to be put on the waiting list (we WILL get back to you!).

Managing Your Expectations:

You may have noticed that the homepage hasn’t changed, and that there is no shop...

FYI: We’ve chosen to hide these features for now, because in our humble opinion, there is no point having a shop or a new homepage on the website, with no products on it. However, we are aiming to roll out these additions in July. And, for the purpose of managing your expectations, it’s also worth mentioning that seeing as we’ve just launched, we’ve still got a lot to learn, and we’ve still got a lot to figure out. In other-words, the new platform isn’t perfect… yet.

There WILL be bugs, and there WILL be things missing. And if there is, please tell us about them, so we can fix them.

For us, this part of the process is all about gaining as much user feedback as possible, to build something far more superior, that our readers, customers, and brands actually WANT (to elaborate, according to Wikipedia, “a minimum viable product (MVP) is a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development“).

SO, as always, we’d be hugely appreciative of your support, patience, and input. After all, it’s your feedback that will help us to take this to the next level.

What’s Next:

As well as rolling out our new homepage and shop in July, we’re also working on a newly-improved search experience, and a way to merge product, content, and vendor categorizations and recommendations across the entire site.

But this is just the start. We have some incredibly exciting feature roll-outs planned over the next couple of years, that will once again, completely game-change our proposition, and take us into new territories that we simply cannot talk about right now, but… rest assured: they’re very exciting.

Thank You:

And last but not least, I know I’ve said this a million times before, but thank you SO MUCH for supporting us. I simply can’t thank you enough for continuing to support what we do, for being a part of our community, AND for letting us be a part of yours.

Get In Touch:

Want to talk to us? Reach out. Let’s grab a coffee. Get in touch here.