PANDA Optics: The UK Eyewear Experts For Skiers And Cyclists

PANDA Optics: a UK sports eyewear brand with a focus on snow-sports and cycling, aimed at enhancing vision, comfort, and safety through the latest optical tech.

The brand was initially launched as a ski goggle brand back in 2015, but then, Oliver Heath spotted a lack of products on the market that provided lenses which covered the full range of mountain conditions.

Generally a set of ski goggles costs £100-£200, which comes with one lens, with additional lenses needing to be purchased as extras. However, with PANDA Optics, customers get two lenses, including a polarised lens, with their cycling glasses becoming a relatively new addition in 2020.

Oliver has always been a keen skier, and in his later years, he became a ski instructor and a season worker in France. The idea for PANDA Optics came about shortly after his final winter working in France.

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In 2019, the brand was starting to get good traction in the industry, and then COVID-19 came along and put the ski industry on pause. This was a disaster for the goggles, but it spurred us on to break into the cycling market. This was a great step for Panda Optics, as it enabled us to come out of COVID-19 on a strong platform to develop both the ski and the cycling side of the brand,” said Oliver.

PANDA Optics has proudly sold over 5000 units across 40 different countries, with various online features to boast.

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