Buying Luxury Fashion? Here’s What To Invest In (And Avoid). has collaborated with Esin Akan ( to deliver valuable advice on which designer items to invest in, and which ones to avoid.

Did you know? The waiting list for a Hermès bag is around three years. You won’t find a Hermès bag in a department store. Because of this, Hermès bags are exclusive, and they’re of high value.

Unlike shoes and clothes (that are more susceptible to wear and tear), handbags are a much safer option, because their value doesn’t tend to depreciate, and in some cases, it may even increase over the years.

When buying designer items, it’s important to think about the purchase, and to avoid impulse-buying based on trends. For instance, stay away from trendy styles, prints, and colours that will go out of fashion after a season or two (i.e. apple green), and only invest in items that are functional, – that you’ll still like in the years to come.

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In other words, focus on neutral tones, and avoid bright colours. Crossbody leather bags and leather tote bags will always be on trend: go for classic colours such as blacks, reds, nudes, and tans.

To keep your designer items in good condition, store them in a fabric dust bag, away from direct sunlight. Clothes should be transported in garment bags to avoid rips and tears. Keep them in a standing position to prevent them from crushing and losing shape.

Good luck!