Check Out This BLOW Hairdryer, By Michael Douglas’ Mdlondon.

Mdlondon are proud to launch their brand new BLOW Hairdryer by Michael Douglas, the celebrity stylist. It’s a light, compact, powerful, and intuitive hairdryer.

The mdlondon BLOW Hair Dryer is a leader in its field, thanks to Michael and his wealth of insider styling experience. BLOW is built to last like a pro would demand, but… it’s for everyone.

At just 572g (the lightest high powered hair dryer on the market), BLOW is a full-sized pro dryer that can truly travel. It’s a powerful 1600w device that’s 10db quieter than most hairdryers (thanks to its DC brush-less motor), and it comes in two colours: casal blue-grey, and olive green. Not only does BLOW include a self cleaning function, BUT it comes with a three year warranty, and a three meter-long power cable, too.

Michael Douglas has put 30 years of educating hair stylists, and styling every hair type into this innovative new product.

His vision with mdlondon is to create a brand/platform that empowers the consumer with the tools and the insights to style their hair anytime, anywhere. With a combination of content and tooling, customers are be able to purchase tools, and follow multiple free styling videos that cover all looks, hair types, and textures in a simple format.

It’s as if they had their hairdresser with them at home. I’m a firm believer that to create a fabulous hairstyle, it’s about the tools and the technique. The world has been crying out for a decent hairdryer at a decent price, and this is the best hairdryer I have ever used,” said Michael.

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Michael started his journey back in 1994 when he moved from Lancashire to London. There, he quickly established himself in the high stakes hair styling circuit, tending to the tresses of the world’s most famous supermodels, including Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Yasmin Le Bon.

Michael moved through the fashion week calendar year on year as a go to name for styling, before embarking on editorial shoots for the likes of Vogue, Glamour, Grazia and Marie Claire, as well as working on global beauty campaigns for famous beauty houses. He’s taken his wealth of knowledge and experience, and he’s used it to become a household TV, radio, and social expert for all things hair.

This year in August 2022, he founded his own long-awaited brand, mdlondon.

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