Forest Essentials: Derived From Indian Ayurvedic Guidelines.

Set up in 2000 by Mrs Mira Kulkarni (a former candle maker), Forest Essentials makes effective products that have been derived from Indian Ayurvedic guidelines.

In the year 2000, there wasn’t a market for freshly prepared recipes with pure ingredients – that used Ayurvedic guidelines. The space was dominated by mass-produced products, which were too strongly-scented. Although they were effective, they weren’t very pleasant to use. Mira wanted to change this.

“The substandard ingredients and adulterated oils were used to keep the prices low. I believed that people would pay for the purest ingredients and the highest quality products if they were available, which was the basis of Ayurveda. For many years, I worked with Vaids and modern Biochemists to curate products that used herbs, hand pressed oils, medicinal roots, precious flowers, and their infusions – prepared according to ancient formulations,” said Mira.

The products include ingredients that have been sourced from locally-grown plants, trees, and herbs – from local farmers that use environmentally-sound farming practices.

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Forest Essentials has an organic farm within its factory facility in Lodsi, where high-quality plants and herbs are grown. The brand is constantly reviewing its practices to reduce its carbon footprint.

Since being discovered by Leonard Lauder (from the Estée Lauder empire), Forest Essentials has worked in conjunction with Estée Lauder as a strategic partner, to drive commercial success and expansion globally. For twenty years now, Forest Essentials has been a pioneer in the luxury Ayurveda segment, by harnessing the secrets of ancient beauty rituals to create the finest quality skincare, hair care and makeup products.

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