RoadRower: The Fitness Machine: As Seen On BBC’s Dragons Den

As seen on Dragons Den: RoadRower: a bike that mirrors the rowing action on two wheels – providing an all-over body exercise for 80% of the major muscle groups.

The RoadRower was invented by Rupert Cattell – a former world champion oarsman. In his own words, Rupert has “spent a lifetime on rowing machines in sweaty gyms, staring at a wall – going nowhere.”

However, it was the “hours and kilometres in sweaty gyms” that gave birth to the idea of the RoadRower.

Inspired to disrupt the industry, Rupert teamed up with the Bristol-based design guru John Packer, and seven years and eleven prototypes later, he launched his company in 2019.

This January (2023), Rupert was invited to appear on BBC’s Dragon’s Den. Sadly though, despite his brilliant, patented invention, the former world champion oarsman didn’t manage to convince the Dragons to invest.

“It’s a shame, but they never really got the concept. Of course it’s a niche market, but the global indoor rowing market is going to be worth US$1.7 billion over the next eight years,” said Rupert.

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“The Dragons just didn’t see the potential demand among a certain group of amateur athletes who want to maintain their all-over fitness – who are bored with what’s on offer in a bike or in a gym,” added Rupert.

One market that does seem to have understood the opportunity though – is America. Impressively, RoadRower has just reached an agreement with Rower’s Choice, the number one media organisation in the USA.

Watch this space.

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