Novice Kitchen: Niyi Olopade’s Educational Condiments Brand.

Launched in 2021 by Niyi Olopade, Novice Kitchen is a lifestyle food and condiments brand that’s centered around the idea of cultural education in the kitchen.

Niyi Olopade (who previously worked for ITV) launched Novice – because he wanted to educate kitchen ‘novices’ on different cultures – whilst they’re cooking.

“All of our sauces are inspired by travel. The Balinese jam and the tropical heat are inspired by flavours of the tropics,” said Niyi Olopade.

Each ingredient is personally sourced at a local market – with a key focus on sustainability.

Niyi donates a small percentage of Novice Kitchen’s sales to an organisation that focuses on developing sustainable, affordable, and scalable methods of food production.

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Niyi grew up in Nigeria (where spice and intense flavours were a large part of his childhood). After relocating to the UK, he found himself to be a novice in the kitchen. He felt unable to match the flavour and spice he was used to.

Years later (whilst he was travelling), Niyi worked with a chef who educated him on new ways to fuse flavours from his multi-cultural upbringing – together, and… Novice Kitchen was born.

Since launching, Niyi’s brand has collaborated with Soho House and Mob, as well as scooping up a Great Taste Award.

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