Homethings Announces New Packaging For Green Minded Shoppers

Instead of just bowing down to the rules + standards set by other eco brands in the category, Homethings has designed its new packaging purposely to break them.

After an incredible year (which saw listings in several big retailers, and a £250,000 share of the Sky Footprint Fund), B Corp Homethings – is the first brand in the category to launch single-tab dispenser packs – giving shoppers the chance to buy a single refill, as opposed to the standard 3 pack (making green-cleaning more affordable + accessible for all).

Designed in collaboration with Belief Machines, the new bright-and-bold branding speaks directly to eco-conscious consumers – who are looking to make more sustainable choices, moving forward.

One of the boldest additions to the new design is the introduction of “Mop,” – an important new mascot figure for the brand – that will become more prominent across marketing and communications – this year in 2023. “Mop” can be seen protesting and holding placards that challenge the cleaning industry, with messages such as “No More Plastic Waste” – an invitation for consumers who are looking to cut down on domestic-use plastics. 

The refresh will also see the brand’s statement logo flipped on its side – paving the way for bright colours – designed for maximum impact, and on-shelf visibility. The cleaning spray starter-kit packaging is printed on the “reverse” side of the board – for a more tactile experience.

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“Our new packaging underlines our core values: shake things up, do more with less, and have fun! This is a whole new way of consuming in this category, and we’re educating consumers that its completely bonkers to ship a product that is mainly water around the world in single-use plastic,” said Homethings’ Co-Founder, Tim Keaveney.

“It’s all about educating shoppers that there is a better alternative. Our decision to introduce the single-tab dispensers is about making refills more accessible and affordable. And as the cost-of-living crisis continues, we want to do everything in our power to help people to make better, greener choices – and stick to them,” concluded Tim.

Find out more here: https://gethomethings.com