Moo + Yoo: Vegan Hair + Body Care: Sustainable. Cruelty Free

Launched in 2019 by an Edinburgh-based mother-and-daughter duo, Moo & Yoo = hair and body care. The products are: vegan, cruelty free, natural, and sustainable.

Whilst working as a hair stylist/salon owner, Moo & Yoo’s Co-Founder Suzie became increasingly frustrated that most of the salon products she was using were harsh and irritated her skin. She also became increasingly exasperated that plastic containers had become ‘the norm’ in the industry.

This inspired and motivated the hair stylist/salon owner and her daughter Olivia to join forces to invent a better solution: gentle, natural products – in fully recyclable glass bottles and jars.

As a brand, Moo & Yoo uses ONLY natural ingredients from sustainable + renewable sources, and glass and recyclable packaging. Also, one tree is planted for every order. The range is vegan, palm oil free and cruelty free.

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“We have always been mindful of our impact on the planet, and we try to be as sustainable as possible. Our aim was to create a company that would bring high performance luxury sustainable hair and beauty to everyone,” said Suzie.

Prior to launching Moo & Yoo, Suzie worked as a stylist in the salon she’d owned in Edinburgh since 2007. To date, Moo & Yoo has sold 50,000+ units.

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