Fed Up With Floppy Paper Straws? Try ‘Edible Straws’ Instead

Set up in 2022, Keith Wearing’s ‘Edible Straws‘ are more sustainable than paper + plastic straws. Customers can simply eat them once they’ve finished with them.

It all started when Keith Wearing was drinking a McDonald’s milkshake (we’ve all been there).

Like many of us, he grew tired of the never-ending plastic waste, and the awful, awkward floppy paper straw he was given. The straw kept breaking down, and becoming soft and floppy before he’d finished his drink.

“It felt like I was eating the straw while drinking the shake, which was driving me crazy. That was the moment where I was inspired to create edible straws that would be sustainable – that customers could enjoy as a treat,” said Keith.

After his light-bulb moment, Keith (who had previously worked in the hospitality industry for more than fifteen years) set about making his vision a reality – especially considering that plastic straws had been banned in October 2020.

As well as becoming soft quickly when wet, many paper straws are difficult to recycle, because they’re covered in a plastic coating.

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However Keith’s straws contain no allergens or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and they’re gluten-free. Available in a number of different flavours (including chocolate, coffee, lime, vanilla, lemon, strawberry, and neutral), the straws last for 40 minutes in cold drinks, and they don’t impact the flavour of the beverage.

“Our vision is to be the world’s number one replacement for paper and plastic straws. We believe that our amazing Edible Straws are an absolute industry game-changer that customers desperately want and need,” said Keith.

Already, Edible Straws are being used by major worldwide clients, including Disney. NEXT UP: edible cups, edible plates, and edible spoons for use at home, and in the hospitality industry.

Find out more here: https://www.ediblestraws.com