Inlight Skincare: Organic, Water-less, And Synthetic Free.

Inlight Skincare is an Italian family business that launched in 2006 – with a range of organic-certified, water-less, and synthetic-free face and body products.

The products are made by hand under one roof in Cornwall – using herbal extracts. Inlight Skincare can be found in the UK, the US, and in Europe.

Dr Mariano and Loredana Spiezia started the beauty revolution when they moved with their children to Britain in 1998 – after creating the first ever 100% organic water-less skincare brand in the UK.

Dr. Spiezia wanted to fuse his passion for health, science, and nature – into products that would promote health and well-being, without disrupting the skin.

His interest in skin health developed whilst he was running a Detox Centre in the South of Italy in the eighties.

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Prior to launching his business(es), Dr. Spiezia worked in emergency departments in Italy during the 80’s as a medical doctor, before realising that he wanted to address the cause, rather than the effect – leading to an in-depth study of herbs, homeopathy, and a more holistic approach to health.

The products launched to the public in 2007, and the business was the first of it’s kind in the UK to receive the Cosmos Organic Certification throughout the entire range.

“By fusing alchemy and science and working closely with nature, we create products that tune in with the skin’s biochemical process – recreating the original unity. The body recognises the synergy in the molecular structure of our formulas, and it works with the active ingredients – prompting a healthy and happy glow,” concluded Dr Spiezia.

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