Toastedink: The UK Pun-Filled Stationery Brand, By Joey Banh

Launched by Joey Banh during COVID-19, Toastedink is a pun-filled stationery brand – that was launched with the desire to spread positivity during the pandemic.

“Spreading happiness one brush stroke at a time…” Toastedink started out by making greeting cards, but the range quickly expanded to enamel pins, stationery pads, key-rings, apparel, and more. Toastedink has achieved incredible success, with retail wins up and down the country (including HMV), and TV features, such as This Morning.

The focus has always been to deliver spontaneous and thrilling experiences that go beyond the unique and cute designs that Toastedink’s Founder Joey Banh brings – through cards, stickers, stationery, and pins.

“I believe that my art has a unique way of reaching deep into people’s hearts and tugging on some strings. The mission of Toastedink is to make the weight of the world a little lighter on everyone’s shoulders,” said Joey.

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Coming from a marketing background, Joey had always desired to use her creativity in another way: “I always took drawing as a creative outlet, but I never thought of doing anything with it. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit, that I picked up the pen again to spread some positivity, and the response I got was unbelievable,” said Joey.

Today, Toastedink is a British art brand that was built with the sole mission of spreading happiness across the globe, through cute products, cards, gifts, and designs that you won’t find anywhere else. Each product has been meticulously designed with you and your happiness in mind, using high quality materials, to promote positivity.

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