Livotte London: Amazing Elevated Basics – In A Luxury Fabric

Launched in 2016 by New Yorkers, Beth Pollak and Delphine McNeill, Livotte London was born from a need for elevated tops – to go with denim and designer pieces.

Beth Pollak and Delphine McNeill are two New Yorkers who live in London.

Having worked in fashion for two decades prior to launching Livotte London, they both realised the need for amazing elevated basics – in a luxury fabric.

Beth and Delphine started their careers in New York. They first met in London in 2014.

At the time, Beth was working for Conde Nast – covering denim and t-shirts (before moving into wholesale at Joe’s Jeans), and Delphine was producing runway shows in New York, Milan, and Paris for The Gucci Group, Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, and more.

When Beth and Delphine first met, they talked about what they needed in their wardrobes, and it quickly became clear that an ‘elevated’ t-shirt was what they – and many other women needed in their lives.

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The goal?

To create an item that was like a favourite silk blouse, that was easy and machine washable like a t-shirt, whilst still using the best fabrics, and ensuring that production remained local and superior – to that of many other t-shirt brands.

Livotte London’s entire production is exclusively done in England (their mill is located in the Midlands). Their bespoke creation is 96% organic, with uncontaminated cotton, and 4% Lycra.  Since launching, Livotte London has already been featured twice by Anna Murphy, the Fashion Editor at The Times.

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