Stix Mindfulness Is Having A Positive Impact On Child Well-being

Stix Mindfulness has revealed the results of a recent research study, that demonstrates a clear + positive impact of Stix Mindfulness Remotes on a child’s mood.

The study, which was conducted over a four-week period – involved eight children, and was conducted in partnership with Brunel University London. The Stix Remotes = interactive mindfulness activities, that are designed to help children to develop a range of skills, including concentration, focus, and emotional regulation.

The activities, which have been co-developed with psychologists at Brunel University – involve four key mindfulness principles: mindfulness of the body, breath, thoughts and feelings, and the heart (compassion, love, and kindness). Children in the study practiced three different activities each week from each category.

The children who participated in the study – reported feeling more motivated to complete each training session, as well as experiencing a boost in their mood. Specifically, 86% of children stated that the training helped them to some extent, with a vast majority feeling “calm,” “relaxed,” and “happier and less stressed.”

Additionally, the study found that the Stix Mindfulness Remotes resulted in a slight decrease in anxiety and depression scores, for six out of seven children who provided data.

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The Remotes also helped children to develop coping skills to manage stressful situations, with many using breathing techniques learned throughout the training, to calm themselves when upset or angry with friends and family members. The favourite activity was ‘Balance,’ with other enjoyable activities including ‘Ball of Light,’ ‘Surfing,’ and ‘Balloon Arms.’

“Although the sample size is small, the study provides promising results that suggest that the Stix activities have a positive impact on child’s well-being, and can help them to develop healthy coping strategies. We can’t wait to take this pilot study a step further in a full clinical trial to show the benefits of our product,” said Stix’s Co-Founder, Liam Murphy.

Having launched their product to market in February 2023, Stix Mindfulness is excited to continue developing their mindfulness content, as well as expanding their reach, to support children’s mental health across the UK.

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