BetterMe’s Victoria Repa: From Ukraine, To London Tech Week.

Ukrainian entrepreneur, health coach, and BetterMe’s Founder, Victoria Repa is a tech and wellness trailblazer. Repa is speaking at London Tech Week, this 2023.

Born and raised in a small village near Donetsk in Ukraine, Victoria’s awareness and knowledge of tech was limited to say the least. “My school was tiny, with only twelve classmates, so I had limited exposure to the world of tech and innovation,” said the Ukrainian entrepreneur.

However, she didn’t let this stop her. Her pursuit of excellence began when she received a scholarship to study business at the Kyiv School of Economics, in 2014.

After graduating, Victoria joined one of the world’s largest corporations in the FMCG sector. However, her desire for more challenges and adventures inspired and motivated her to venture into the exciting world of tech. Her foray into the tech industry began at a local firm in the media and technology sector, where she worked as an analyst.

During this time, Victoria saw a growing demand for high-quality content relating to health and fitness. Motivated by this discovery, she opened up a Facebook community that was filled with fitness tips and tricks.

This experience became the catalyst for launching BetterMe in 2017 – a health and wellness platform that’s dedicated to improving the lives of millions. Under Victoria’s leadership, BetterMe has launched two supportive apps: BetterMe: Health Coaching, and BetterMe: Mental Health.

What followed was the BetterMe store, which provides athleisure and wearables. But lots had to change, following the outbreak of the war, and the Russian invasion in 2022. BetterMe had to make significant adjustments to cope with the severe conditions caused by the conflict, and the team was forced to temporarily leave their head office in Kyiv.

To support the physical and mental health of Ukrainians, Victoria’s brand went on to provide free access to BetterMe’s Mental health support, as well as collaborating with WHO, and the First Lady of Ukraine, and the NGO “Barrier Free,” to develop a digital self-help tool, called “Doing What Matters in Times of Stress.”

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Since February 24th, 2022 (the date of the Russian invasion), BetterMe’s Mental Health app has assisted over 330k Ukrainians to address the psychological consequences of war.

Since launching her brand, Victoria has had the opportunity to speak at various international events, to share her ideas with a global audience, including Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon, Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Summit EMEA, Google for Startups, Web Summit 2023 in Rio, and more. Next up? London Tech Week, 2023.

Through her international exposure and speaking engagements, Victoria aims to promote Ukrainian entrepreneurship, and to encourage support for Ukraine, while also advocating for the well-being of individuals, worldwide.

With her upcoming appearance at London Tech Week, Victoria plans to share her insights on dealing with burnout. “I am going to speak at the Main Stage of London Tech Week on how to avoid burnout, and look after your mind and body. The mental health crisis is disrupting more and more lives worldwide, and the experience we’ve had in Ukraine shows us how to use digital tools to support the well-being of more and more people,” said Victoria.

As Victoria continues to innovate, and to lead BetterMe towards its mission of creating happiness and improving global health, her story is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, and a reminder of the trans-formative power of technology, combined with passion, community, and resilience – in the face of incomprehensible adversity and trauma.

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