Brewdog James Invests £1M Equally In Next Unicorn Finalists.

BrewDog James has made an unprecedented move, by announcing that all five finalists of his Next Unicorn competition will receive a share of his £1M investment.

James was ‘blown away’ by the exceptional quality of the finalists. Therefore, the winners will now each receive a minimum investment of £150,000 – with the aim of propelling their business(es) to ‘unicorn status.’

James had originally planned to back just three brands in his search for the next billion-dollar business, however, the talent and potential exhibited by the final five – compelled him to invest in all five, instead.

The announcement was made at BrewDog’s breathtaking Las Vegas rooftop bar. The Next Unicorn competition winners include a variety of innovative and forward-thinking companies:

  • “Basket” is an app that enables shoppers to bookmark potential purchases from any site, that secured an investment of £250,000,
  • Mous specializes in extra-protective cases and accessories for consumer tech, and will receive £150,000,
  • Tallow & Ash aims to revolutionize laundry – with its planet-friendly shampoos and conditioners – securing £250,000,
  • Uncouth is a provider of personalized and prescribed skincare treatments, that received an investment of £150,000, and lastly:
  • Yum Bug = edible bug-based recipe boxes and snacks, with £200,000 in funding.

Also, on a further unprecedented move, members of the public can now co-invest in the winning companies, too – through Crowdcube, on the same terms as BrewDog James. This approach allows anyone to participate.

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Members of the public can now invest in these businesses, too. The winners are available on Crowdcube, where people can invest pound-for-pound – on the same terms as me. This isn’t a competition where you just sit back and watch other people make money. The public can get involved, too,” said James.

With the infusion of funds, and the support of both James Watt and any public investors, the Next Unicorn competition winners are well-positioned to make significant strides toward achieving ‘unicorn’ status. Let’s hope that James Watt, BrewDog, and Crowdcube will run the competition again next year.

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