‘Real Handful’ Is Revolutionizing Nut Snacking, With ‘Air Nuts’

Real Handful‘ is a nut-snacking company that’s based in Manchester. They’re on a mission to transform snacking – with nutritious alternatives to potato crisps.

Launched in 2016 by a husband-and-wife team, named Joe and Carly Taylor, ‘Real Handful’ makes nut snacks more exciting and appealing to the British public.

After recognizing that nuts weren’t as popular, or as frequently consumed in the UK – in comparison to other nations, Real Handful conducted extensive research: they spoke to over 800 nut snackers across the country, and they discovered a common sentiment – nuts lacked excitement.

Although people were aware of the health benefits associated with nuts, they were unimpressed by the limited flavour options, and they were concerned about the high calorie content. In response to this feedback, Real Handful launched an innovative new product in 2022, called ‘Air Nuts.’

The snacks are made using a patented process that involves baking and ‘aerating’ crushed nuts, resulting in a unique honeycomb textured bite, that is more than 60% lighter than regular nuts.

Although they’re packed with protein, fibre, and heart-healthy fats, Air Nuts are never cooked in oil. They boast a simple list of ingredients, and their distinctive shape enhances the flavour even further. As a result, snackers can now enjoy a guilt-free nut snack, that contains under 115 calories per serving.

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Thanks to Air Nuts, ‘Real Handful’ received various accolades in 2022. They won the prestigious ‘Best New Savoury Snack’ at The Grocer New Product Awards, and a Great Taste Award. Judges commended the brand for its “truly innovative product” that strikes a perfect balance between natural nutrition, and flavour.

“We think it’s about time that the humble peanut, along with other brilliantly nutritious nuts, get the love and attention they deserve. We want to reinvent nut snacking to meet the needs of snackers in the 21st Century,” said Real Handful’s Co-Founder, Joe Taylor.

Prior to establishing Real Handful, Joe and Carly Taylor gained valuable experience in the food industry. Joe worked at Innocent Drinks, and Carly worked at Kellogg’s. This background equipped them with the necessary knowledge, and the expertise to embark on their entrepreneurial journey in the world of food. Real Handful’s dedication to innovation, flavor, and nutrition has taken nut snacking to new heights.

And now, they’re poised to make a lasting impact on the snack industry, by encouraging healthier choices to consumers nationwide.

Find out more here: https://realhandful.com