Chilli No. 5: The Flavour Revolution – Born During Lock-down

Amidst the confines of lock-down, the founders of Chilli No. 5 found themselves craving more than just the ubiquitous Tabasco sauce for their gourmet chilli fix.

Driven by a thirst for flavour, spice, and healthy ingredients, the founders set out on a culinary adventure – crafting new and exciting flavors, inspired by the most sought-after chili sauces in the world.

Leading the charge – is Rumble Romagnoli – an ideas man, with a passion for improving experiences. Having managed a beach restaurant on the sun-kissed shores of Saint Tropez, Romagnoli’s commitment to quality and enjoyment has always superseded shortcuts. Joining forces with Romagnoli is Colin, the founder chef, who honed his culinary skills – whilst catering to discerning tastes aboard yachts and villas.

The inspiration behind the birth of Chilli No. 5 stems from a dissatisfaction with the current state of the sauce market. Although the plethora of options might seem wonderful, many mass-produced sauces are manufactured in factories – relying on shortcuts that sacrifice freshness and flavour.

The founders refused to settle for mediocrity, so they set out to create something exceptional: they envisioned a range of sauces – made with healthy, high-quality ingredients – packaged in reusable or recyclable glass containers. For them, it was an obvious choice to prioritize taste and sustainability.

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“We will not stop until we have created the most delicious sauces in every category on the planet, and they will be healthy, sustainable, and look fantastic on any table,” said Chilli No. 5’s Rumble Romagnoli. Also, recently, Chilli No. 5 unveiled its NEW line-up of six gourmet gift sets – guaranteed to delight chili-loving customers.

From the BBQ Sauce Collection Gift Set, to the Passport Piccante and the World Chilli Sauces Gift Set, each offering embodies the brand’s dedication to elevating flavors. The Gourmet Chilli Sauce Gift Hamper, The Hot Chilli Flakes Box Set – Crushed & Dried Chilli Flakes Gift Set, the Pizzazz Pizza Oil Gift Set, and the Chilli No. 5 Mini Hot Sauce Gift Sets – round out the exquisite collection – catering to all tastes and preferences.

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