BOL Foods Unveils Its New Brand Identity, ‘Bring On Life.’

Launched in 2015, BOL Foods (the pioneering plant-based brand) is set to shake up the market with its new brand identity and creative direction, ‘Bring On Life.’

BOL Foods (known for its convenient, and nutritionally-balanced plant-based meals and Power Shakes) aims to connect with audiences beyond its recipes, and focus on the life benefits of positive nutrition.

‘Bring On Life’, will serve as a catalyst to retain BOL Foods’ position as a category leader in the competitive plant-based market. Since its launch, BOL Foods has become a go-to food brand for busy individuals who are seeking nutritious, delicious plant-based options.

‘Bring On Life’ signifies a strategic shift away from simply promoting ingredients and recipes. The transformation includes a departure from BOL Foods’ iconic veg art and distinctive ingredient layers. In its place, the brand will showcase empowering and relatable content that will feature people, capture the best moments in life, and promote a sense of vitality and well-being.

To support the launch, BOL Foods has allocated a significant £1 million budget for media and marketing activities. The campaign will encompass various channels, including out-of-home advertising, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook/Instagram, PR, influencers, mass sampling, and a series of UK events.

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“Plant Powered has always been the reason to believe for thousands of shoppers, and it is what has helped us to become the fastest-growing meat-free brand in the UK. However, eight years on, we’re now ready to enter a new chapter,” said Paul Brown.

“The category has evolved hugely since we started the BŌL journey, and we need to stay one step ahead in terms of connecting with consumer trends, whilst ensuring that we continue to energise the category as leaders of the plant-based space,” added Paul.

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