Piccolo To Launch Healthier Kids Snacks

A Piccolo Apple, Carrot & ORange Oaty Bar

Baby food company, Piccolo announces a new duo of high fibre Melts and Bars to add to its kids’ snacking range.

These new Mighty Melts and Oaty Bars are high in fibre, gluten free, and contain no added sugar, and will be available in Sainsbury’s from 13 September 2020. The family-owned challenger brand is launching the snacks to support the back to nursery and school occasions. 

They also aim to support parents in their daily routine, both at home and on the go with high fibre snacking. The Mighty Melts and Oaty Bars deliver on the brand’s promise of organic, balanced ingredients, and nutritionist-approved recipes, across their range.

“Our new snack duo is made by my family who knows what growing families are like – especially the balancing act of feeding little ones snacks that pack a punch while being high in fibre. As a new mum again myself, expanding our healthy snacks and our offering in finger foods is really important to me.

Cat Gazzoli, Founder of Piccolo

The Mighty Melts make up one of your children’s five a day, are high in fibre (at 0.5g per 6g bag) and are made with real yoghurt, for a soft melting effect on little palettes. A natural finger food, the melts are made with an average of 45g of fruit per 100g making for a natural, fruity yoghurt taste.

As well as being high in fibre (at 2.7g per 20g bar), the Oaty Bars contain no added sugar and instead use inulin, from agave, which is a pre-biotic fibre.

The trend in pre-biotics for babies is growing, with more parents looking to support their babies’ development. Made with soft textured multi-grains, they are designed for on-the-go-snacking, for 12 months plus. The bars are also vegan, dairy free and gluten free, supporting the surge of parents looking to support special dietary requirements.

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“As with all Piccolo foods, our snacks are packed with natural ingredients. We use real fruit and yoghurt, ensuring a range of natural flavours and with no added sugar, they provide great snack choices for one year olds. Fibre is also an essential part of little ones’ diets, as it has been shown to support digestive systems. So our aim is to support parents by providing healthy, fibre-rich snacks which also have the added bonus of being one of their five a day.

Alice Fotheringham, Co-Founder of Piccolo and Infant Nutritionist

Sainsburys will be first to launch the Mighty Melts followed by the Oaty Bars launching into a another retailer, later this month. All new products will also be available on the brand’s website.

A Piccolo Apple, Carrot & ORange Oaty Bar

Launched in 2016, Piccolo is the UK’s fastest growing baby food company, focusing on nutritious food and family time spent together. Piccolo makes healthy (and very tasty) baby meals, cooking products and snacks to help you get the right balance every day.

Piccolo can be found in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Asda, Coop, Boots, Morrisons, Ocado, Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic as well as many independent and online retailers, including its own temporary direct to consumer store, launched in response to Covid-19.

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