Perfume Done Differently With Solid Scent Co.’s Portable Fragrance

This is a guest post by Leanne Gouck from

Solid Scent Co. has developed a new portable fragrance range, for men and for women, which is kind to the planet. 

Perfume has become a lot less hassle with this new portable fragrance developed by Solid Scent Co. From just £25 for women and £26 for men, Solid Perfume Co. and Solid Cologne Co. is 98% plastic free, paraben free, cruelty free, and is refillable (all outer packaging is fully recyclable).

Offering 6 different scents for the ladies, and 4 for the gentlemen, their fragrances are made from a 100% natural base of cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil and beeswax, and is 100% sustainable – as the elegant sleek metal compacts becomes the customer’s property for life and therefore, they just to refill them.

The Solid Scent Co. began in 2019, when two Irish entrepreneurs and school friends (since 1994), Hayden and Gareth, had a vision to create fragrances that travel with you through all of life’s moments and adventures. 

Originally from New Zealand, Hayden is a physiotherapist that has travelled the world working for big corporates such as Virgin, Randox or Mercedes to name a few, and now works from Belfast whilst is Gareth 11,000 miles from there, in Melbourne, with the fragrance being manufactured in Scotland. 

It was through many years of travelling that the idea for the product came about, as they recognised a demand in the market for good quality, portable, durable, eco-friendly products.

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The company has already partnered with an Irish distributor that will get the brand listed in even more retailers. Their Solid Cologne for men is currently in the November issue of British GQ magazine as a ‘must have male accessory for 2021,’ and their Solid Perfume for women was in the December issue of Conde Nast Traveller magazine.

In the future, Solid Scent Co. is looking to expand their scents range, and also develop additional products such as body butters, hand creams, lip balms and beard balms.

The portable fragrance idea came from a large idea to educate: ‘a large part of us is to help educate and break habits,’ says founder Hayden Swift.

‘People have always just bought a liquid alcohol based fragrance as that was the thing to do, but we are trying to change habits, help convenience, look after your skin better and help the planet too,’ Hayden added.

You can find out more about them here.