Bunch Skincare: Organic Face And Body Oils For Men And Women

Bunch Skincare has just launched a 9-piece collection of organic face and body oils suitable for women and men of all skin tones. 

The brand promises to bring results – but also simplicity, fun and colour to your natural skincare routine. Based in Letchworth Garden City in August 2020, Bunch was Founded by Gosia, a skincare formulator and qualified pharmacist.

The brand’s small, but perfectly formed collection includes:

  • All-natural After Sun face and body oils (fragrance-free version available).
  • Moisturising body oils (fragrance-free available).
  • Toning body oil.
  • Two types of oil for face, a balancing blend for oily/combination skin and an antioxidant oil to nourish and boost tired complexion.

All of their products are vegan-friendly, natural and all of their ingredients are biodegradable and their packaging consists of premium glass bottles with practical dispenser pumps.

‘The collection was created out of my love for biology, chemistry, and science, but also to introduce simplicity, fun and colour to natural skincare offering,’ said founder Gosia.

‘I grew tired of sea of white labels and fanciful names on my bathroom shelf. I wanted to add products that work, are easy to use and understand but also look great on the bathroom shelf,’ added Gosia.

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In the near future, Bunch Skincare is looking to expand their product range with body butters, hand and face creams, lip balms and toners.

Founder Gosia had a love of biology, chemistry and beauty potions that led her to study pharmacy, from which she graduated in 2006 and worked for a small community pharmacy and big pharma corporations, bringing medicines and cosmetics to market and ensuring their safety. 

Her experience gave her a thorough understanding of customer services and needs, development and manufacturing, and formulation – as well as regulation of medicines and cosmetics, and all this knowledge came together when she realised that the idea of starting a beauty brand will combine perfectly her background and experience.

At the moment, Bunch Skincare trades only from Bunch Skincare website, but it has been featured in numerous blogs and Christmas gift guides.

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