The Bam&Boo: The World’s First Climate Neutral Toothpaste

Take care of your mouth and the environment, with an eco-friendly toothpaste from The Bam&Boo, which rolls out in the UK market – without compromising on its Total Action formula.

With natural ingredients and cruelty-free production, this new eco-friendly toothpaste has a Total Action formula, helping to prevent caries and plaque whilst leaving the teeth whiter with a durable sensation and fresh breath. 

100% Natural and 100% Vegan, it is certified by Natrue® and registered with The Vegan Society®. 

The Bam&Boo Natural Toothpaste is also the world’s first climate neutral toothpaste, and is natural and vegan which means that – in collaboration with Climate Partner® – the CO2 emissions generated through the extraction of the raw materials, production and shipping of the product are fully calculated and later compensated through the support of internationally recognized carbon offset projects. 

We truly believe that even the most basic things in life should be rethought to be more functional and eco-friendly,” explained Fernando Ribeiro, one of the co-founders of The Bam&Boo.

Despite the wide offer of eco-friendly products in the market segment of natural  toothpastes, we felt it was still very challenging to find an option that ensured the same efficiency and similar experience as the  standard ones,” said Nuno Catarino, a co-founder of the brand. 

After 14 months of work, and visits to the most diverse suppliers and formula development, they finally reached an eco-friendly natural toothpaste with a Total Action formula.

The Bam&Boo Natural Toothpaste has a fresh minty flavor and compared with the more traditional toothpastes, it has less water becoming more dense and consequently more durable. 

It comes in an aluminum tube that not only maintains the freshness of the  toothpaste, but is also easier to use and to recycle. 

Shipping is free, and just like the rest of the products, it follows the already well-known subscription model that can be easily changed or cancelled at any time. 

Born in 2017 by Fernando Ribeiro and Nuno Catarinobo, who both previously worked in management and marketing, The Bam&Boo is a brand of bamboo toothbrushes created with the goal of bringing social and environmental responsibility to consumers. 

With the motto “Simple Action. Big Smiles,” it works with a subscription model and home delivery, delivering your eco-friendly products when you desire to 60 countries around the globe.

The Bam & Boo has now expanded its portfolio of eco-friendly products, now having a different variety of items in oral hygiene – dental floss, and bamboo stands for the toothbrush and travel cases. Other eco-friendly suggestions are the cotton buds, the straws or even the tote bags. 

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