Vector Consumer Ltd Wins UK Business Hero Award For Supporting Pandemic Front-Line Workers

The Wirral Chamber of Commerce has awarded a UK Business Hero Award 2020 to Vector Consumer Ltd, for its outstanding contribution in supplying much needed PPE to front-line workers since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Vector Consumer Ltd was established in November 2019 and since March this year, the start-up has provided tens of millions of masks and gloves to front-line workers.

We are very proud to receive the UK Business Hero Award and to play a part in helping essential workers in these difficult times, especially when a lot of NHS staff were lacking PPEs at the beginning of the pandemic. They are the true heroes!‘ said Matt Banks-Crompton, Managing Director at Vector Consumer Ltd.

Vector Consumer has also kept to its’ commitments as set out last year, when it formed to create jobs and opportunities in the local area by developing its own consumer healthcare brands.

The start-up launched its first brand, VC Protect in April this year, a brand of disposable face masks and anti-bacterial products at a competitive price, making the products accessible to all.

Vector Consumer are brand creators with an international mindset, not only bringing to life their own brands, but other private label and global partners in the consumer healthcare market, specialising in: sports nutrition, skin health, vitamins minerals and supplements, and health and wellness. In addition to building their own brand in April 2020 along with developing other strong brands, Vector Consumer also specialises in PPE and healthcare sourcing.

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Vector Consumer was launched in 2019 because John Pugh (CEO) and Matt Banks-Crompton (MD) had an unwavering belief that there was space for a company to disrupt the global consumer healthcare space by creating challenger brand solutions for retail clients, driven by category insight and innovation. 

Matt and John had previously worked together a decade earlier at SSL International selling brands such as Durex and Scholl. Both of them have had careers in consumer healthcare which has seen them work for some of the largest companies in the industry such as RB., P&G, Gillette and Pfizer.

In envisioning Vector Consumer, they recognised a disconnect in the marketplace between those creating, those manufacturing and those selling healthcare brands and they wanted to utilise their experience and unique set of skills to span all three, otherwise known as the perfect storm!

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