GrabbyBag: Keeping People Safe During COVID With Their Protection Pack(s)

GrabbyBag’s protection pack(s) come with essentials such as antibacterial gel, a disposable mask and gloves, to keep people safe throughout the pandemic.

GrabbyBag Ltd is a London based family-run business dedicated to providing “all-in-one” bags –  filled with all daily anti-COVID essentials.

We were fed up with over-priced and  inaccessible items that were on the market. We had young children of our own and decided to create GrabbyBag. We wanted  something affordable, convenient, and  multi-purposed,’ explained Naledi McCarthy-Ocansey, CEO of GrabbyBag.

She added: ‘when lockdown struck, orders were issued in the first weeks of the pandemic, so it made sense to add antibacterial gel, disposable mask, and gloves as part of the GrabbyBag offering.’

In partnership  with Sustain Africa  (Lesotho), – a group partnered with Green Botswana,  GrabbyBag will donate one tree seedling per subscription box purchase and allow customers to match their  donation with a purchase, as GrabbyBag supports efforts that champion climate change initiatives in the region and around Africa.  

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CEO Naledi McCarthy-Ocansey

We are delighted to announce our climate  change initiative in partnership with Green Botswana & Sustain Africa. For every  subscription box bought, we will donate a  tree seedling to Sustain Africa (Lesotho).’ said Naledi McCarthy-Ocansey. 

GrabbyBag’s founder, Naledi McCarthy-Ocansey is an advocate for education and climate change.

She served on the Board of Governors at a special school and supports Green Botswana on their efforts with climate change. Not only does she hold an MSc in International Business and Project Management, but she also has a post-graduate certificate in Marketing. Along with dedicating herself to GrabbyBag, Naledi is a devoted wife and mum to two beautiful children.

To learn more about GrabbyBag and Sustain Africa Lesotho, visit: