Start The New Year With Health(ier) Vegan Options From Vegan Supplement Store

Vegan Supplement Store was founded back in 2018, with a mission to stop animals from suffering, to put a lid on global warming, and to bring tasty new alternatives to the already existing plant-based supplements on the market.

One of the key challenges vegans face is to avoid high-calorie foods, and where to get protein without spending hours in the kitchen trying to become the next MasterChef.

Vegan Supplement Store seeks to support people on their vegan journey by creating a vegan meal replacement bundle and by offering 6 free guides designed to help newbie vegans on their healthy vegan journey.

Before starting his brand, Founder David English was working full-time for the government’s Start-Up Loans company, helping other would-be start-ups to access the funding and support they needed. 

As a marketer with 20 years of experience and with an entrepreneurial mindset himself, he had always wanted to start his own business, and now he runs Vegan Supplement Store with his wife, Symone, who is a qualified personal trainer.

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Despite a very difficult 2020, the brand has have had a very strong year, primarily due to Amazon, which they selling through quite successfully, as well as through their website.

Founder David English said: ‘As Veganuary is upon us and society starts to recognise the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, we are delighted to be among the brands remaining 100% true to our origins. Not only are we 100% plant-based and registered with the vegan society we promise our customers that we will never offer anything other than plant-based products.’

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